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In general:

Prayer often registers that one hopes modest and fate-devoted for help from the outside, - whether this always makes sense whether one better does not take in hand the destiny actively, can be derived only from the accompanying circumstances of the dream. The prayer can sometimes also promise that hopes and expectations will come true.


The faith in a higher power has played in the life of the person always an important role. Beets means in the dream that the dreaming searches the dialogue with this power to which he turns confidently. Mostly the help-looking unconscious which can lead the dreamer from a clip.


At the spiritual level means beets in the dream that the dreaming recognises the existence of a higher power and seeks around her support.



  • (see themselves in the prayer): you will receive cheering news, - also: Inhibitions and difficulties must be overcome. Help approaches.

(European ones).:

  • sign of the humility and the necessary help, - also: be threatened by misses, - to turn away them, the whole strength of miseries will be,
  • do: Erhörung of the wishes, - luck.


  • you will receive good news.
(See also 'religious pictures')

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