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In general:

Buildings represent the life constructions of the dreaming. This are settings and religious positions which he has trained on account of his experiences, sensory perception and often on account of his informal habits and customs. Just as one can get to know about a person a lot if one gets to know his personal sphere, buildings in dreams also reflect character, hopes and worries of the dreaming: The purpose of the building stands often for the central subject with which the dreaming deals. High buildings show the striving for success, - low ones indicate at failures and discontent with own meaning in the life. The cellar rooms stand for the unconscious and all edged out hopes and wishes. The kitchen is the space in which is provided for our bodily welfare, points to the respect with the mother and with women generally. Their state also gives instructions to our own role as a mother or father. Sitting rooms and studies register as our soul manages with the demands of the everyday life and the working life. The bedroom refers of course to our sexuality, above all the conjugal one. The attic is, finally, also in the dream the storeroom for finished. Here edged out recollections are shown.


The meaning of a building for the dream deals something with his regulation:


  • you symbolise the defended space and can stand, hence, for the female or the big mother.

guest house / hotel:

  • Both are a symbol of the hospitality and communication. Nevertheless, in some cases it can also be that they express the insecurity which a dreaming feels concerning his living condition.


  • If the house not empty stands if, for example, pieces of furniture are in it, this is called that the dreaming is able to recognise his positive qualities.
  • foreign people in the house can be a tip to the fact that the dreaming feels threatened by a part of his personality.
  • finding there different activities instead of, so this points to the fact that a conflict rules between two shares of the personality, maybe between the rational ones and the creative side of the dreaming.
  • The front view of the house shows how to himself the dreaming shows his person.
  • The entrance or the entrances meet the statement about how introverted or extrovert the dreaming lives.
  • an impressive, reverence-giving house shows, that be the dreaming or his soul knows.
  • The move in a bigger house means that the dreaming change his life, it must form maybe open and create more space. To be beyond the house, the rather public side of the dreaming symbolises.
  • a small house or the house in him the dreaming was born, the security need and protective need of the dreaming explains and his wish to deliver responsibility.
  • If the house is too small and qualifying, the dreaming feels caught in the trap of his responsibility and feels an escape need.
  • repair in the house shows that the dreaming works on his relations or should look after his health. Maybe the dreaming must also take note of the damage or of Verkümmerung of his life.
  • The construction or demolition of a house stands for the ability to build up the life successfully, but also for the self-destruction. A dream which emphasises construction or destruction grants to the dreaming access to these abilities.


  • He is a place of the security in the dream. His form can play an important role (see 'geometrical figures').


  • to ways of his construction method the igloo stands for perfection and represents sanctum. Because it is warm inside and outside coldly, it symbolises the difference between inside world and outside world.

department store:

  • Because a department store primarily also a resting place is, it symbolises a goldmine for spiritual energy or spiritual 'scrap metal'.

church / temple:

  • a religious building points to protection and shelter and is a place at which the person can think about his faith. Even if the dreaming maybe belongs to no religious community, nevertheless, he owns, like the mostly people, moral principles after which he lives (see also 'temple' and 'church' under 'religious pictures').


  • This building is held generally for a strength centre.
Tower (Obelisk/Kirchturm/Leuchtturm):
  • Every tower shows the personality and the soul of a person. Because towers stand obviously with the male in connection, it is obvious to see them as Even in a bigger connection. Is of interest to the right interpretation where, for example, windows, doors and stairs are and which qualities they have. This leads to deeper knowledge about spiritual Itself.

beside the regulation of buildings also play her components an important role:

Balcony / windowsill:
  • The balcony can serve the selfrepresentation of the dreaming and promote his vanity unfavorably.


    a lift the contact of the dreaming with information symbolises
  • as a rule.
  • an abwärtsfahrender lift, for example, points to the fact, that the dreaming in the unconscious hinuntersteigt.
  • an aufwärtsfahrender lift carries the dreaming up to the spirituality again. Some people think that one leaves his body in the sleep, - an image which can be also reflected in the lift as a dream symbol.
  • with the lift get stuck symbolised that the dreaming does not get on in his spiritual development.


  • a window shows the medium by which the person judges his social environment, and is symbol for the kind as he perceives reality.
  • Trading a dream of the fact that the dreaming looks by a window outward then this can point to the fact that he has a more extrovert view of himself and deals rather with external circumstances.
  • by a window inwards to look, symbolises that the dreaming looks inwards and is introverted.
  • The opening of a window means that the dreaming deals with his feelings or with his setting to the opinions of other people.
  • a window (or to break through a glass door) can point to the first sexual experience.
  • leaded windows are a tip to religiousness because they are often to be found in churches (see also 'colors').


  • you stand in respect with initiation rituals or, however, point to body openings, as for example on vagina or anus. At the psychological level this means that the dreaming other people allows to penetrate into his personal space.


  • you often points to the steps which the dreaming must take to achieve an aim.
  • A stair can go up a tip to the strain be which approaches him if he wants to attain an access to the rather mystic, spiritual side of his being. However, it can simply also concern a strain in the everyday life.
  • the dreaming a stair goes down and descends in the unconscious, he searches connection with his concealed, unaware side.
  • A golden stair mostly puts the death, but not always physical. She stands for the knowledge that the dreaming is not caught any more in the material, but moves towards a full, spiritual life.


  • you refers to the body openings and, hence, to the sexuality.
  • The front door symbolises the vagina and the back door the anus.
  • forcible breaking open of a door can be seen as a tip to a sexual inhibition and the refusal to deal with the problems, - nevertheless, it can also conclude by the rape or abuse.
  • A door open and close stands as a rule for the sexual act, however, can reflect also in general the setting of the dreaming to the sexuality.
  • The refusal to open a door symbolises an innocent access to the sexuality.
  • A door between external and internal rooms points to the fact that it can come to a conflict between deliberate and unconscious.
  • A barricaded door emphasises the need of the dreaming for self protection.
  • The escape by another door points to the wish of the dreaming to substitute for his solution for a certain problem with another.
  • With the fact that a person knocks at a door the attention of the dreaming is drawn to an external situation.


  • you represents a prevention of the progress - difficulties which the dreaming maybe has or into which he will bump. Often the qualities of the wall give us closer explanation about what is blocked.
  • A wall it looks old, symbolises an old problem, however, a wall of glass points to difficulties with the perception.
  • A surrounding wall could symbolise the recollection of the dreaming of his feelings during the birth or lend shape, however, to the impression that the dreaming feels locked up by his own life-style.
  • brick wall, bulwark or partition symbolise the difference between the internal ones and the external reality.


  • a room describes the different shares of the personality or knowledge levels.
  • however,
  • of frequent is seen it as a symbol for the mother's lap.
  • The kitchen stands for the supplying portion of the dreaming,
  • the sitting room for the being relaxing or sociable one.
  • a small room with only one door or a basement with water in it is a very direct representation of the mother's lap and maybe indicates the wish to return in the womb.
  • A row of rooms refers to the different aspects of the femininity and often to the comprehensive soul.
  • spiritual or spiritual qualities ordinarily symbolise
  • of rooms in upper floors.
  • of The cellars can show the sides of the dreaming which he suppresses intentionally. He possibly symbolises, however, also family customs and habits, particularly if it concerns in the dream the house or the flat of the parents.
  • of one in another room go explains a deliberate change of own situation in which the dreaming leaves behind something behind himself.
  • empty rooms symbolise a lack in the life, maybe the lack of consolation and support.


At the spiritual level buildings stand as a rule for a protected space in which the dreaming can work on his development.


A woman put to the dream seer Sirin the following question: 'To Me dreamt, the upper door pillar of my house falls on the lower and from both door wings one would fall inwards, the other outwardly.' Sirin asked the woman: 'Do you have man and children?' She answered: 'Yes, however, my husband with my son is away from home, my daughter is with me.' Sirin answered: 'Your husband? the upper door pillar points to him? will soon come back to you, however, together with your son and his bride because one door wing fell inwards - your daughter will marry and move away from home because the other door wing fell outwardly.' And how Sirin had interpreted the dream, it also came.



  • Dreaming of the emperors, he comes to a foreign, unknown house which has splendid rooms, he will experience joy and are astonished according to the wonderful sight of the rooms, - it seems to a my husband as if he has houses erlost or has inherited, he will win property and a lovely woman according to the beauty of the houses.
  • Seeming it the emperor, he comes to a new town which he still seen, and never looks her stately constructions, to him pleasure, and is the town to him subject, it will be a full pride and join with nicest of his women in love. If the town is not subjected, however, to his rule or power, he will find in foreign people his fallen and maintain with a woman foreign to country of the love because the town is foreign to him.
  • letting of the emperors a new palace for his purposes build, he will testify, if the construction was completed, a son who will follow him the throne. If the foundations are laid to the palace, points to a pregnancy of Augusta. If a wall of the palace collapses, the empress will die. If an easy man dreams, he disposes of his house and moves in another, nicer, he becomes in all what he wishes and plans, luck have, if in a worse, misfortune.
  • letting of the emperors the columns in the sanctums higher direct, and one obeys his instruction, he will raise the tallness of his empire in her dignity, - he orders to establish new ones instead of the old columns, he will use new dignitaries instead of the old ones. If it seems to him, he allows to build a church higher and decorate, the success, rise and coronation of his Empire prophesies. Looks another that a church is higher built and is decorated, this points, as said, to the person of the emperor.
  • the main church of the place collapses or burns down them, threatens the emperor the death.
  • Suffering one of the Nebenkirchen damage and the emperor or another has this dream, the emperor will come to bad distress, - then all churches indicate at him or that which holds the highest power at the place, - also the decoration or the collapse of a church points to the emperor.
  • see building: pleasant views, happy future, -
  • establish themselves one: your successful possibilities grow, will lead - enterprises to a good end, -
  • see incomplete in the raw state: Sullenness and desperation, - in the next time approaches a lot of work which requires a lot of strength, -
  • approach: a party is in preparation, -
  • see burning themselves down: Losses and failures in all things, - a joy will not be from long duration, -
  • collapses: a big disappointment waits for you, -
  • go to ruin: your hopes cannot be fulfilled any more, -
  • see tearing: you will have to do some obstacle from the way, before you achieve the aim.
  • now
  • the house of the life must be founded itself, - the higher it is, the more successfully is the life, -
  • see performing successively (like an inspection): Industriousness, -
  • stately buildings: if luck and prosperity, -
  • promise
  • see an official one: if bring incommodities and capital loss, -
  • see in the shell: if courage announces for the purpose of completion of a begun work, -
  • see building on it: one will come to high respect, -
  • see incomplete (where was not worked for a long time): thrilling days, -
  • see a new building ready: View of a new salary spring, -
  • enter in a new one: you will come to favorable relations, -
  • makes building, nicely and largely: if register the big enterprises with which one will achieve success -
  • gigantic and marvellous buildings with green lawns before it see: if a long life forecasts in the abundance and travelling in distant countries, -
  • a very high (skyscraper) see: one will own a lot of money, - Li> promises exceptionally big professional success,
  • small ones see: the success will give according to the size of the sighted buildings be, -
  • small new houses see: point to a happy home and remunerative enterprises, -
  • to themselves establish a building: points to a change, maybe move, -
  • old ones: to you a lot will be still revealed, -
  • old, neglected houses: bad health and decline will follow in love and business, -
  • see tearing (by work): you will remove many obstacles, -
  • see collapsing (by itself): Obstacles enter, - unfulfilled hopes, - a plan will be thwarted, -
  • the burning: clouded joy.


  • Dreaming one, he enters an unknown house which has different rooms whose place, earth and inhabitant to him have already passed away unknown or known, latter, however, he knows that this house is the other world and is meant that he will soon die, - enters, he examines the house on the same day and leaves, he will turn his heart to the return, worry about the heavenly flats and find welfare and rescue, - however, are known to him house, rooms, place and earth, promises it earthly joy and abundance in material goods according to state and equipment rooms.
  • building
  • Being the house from loam, air bricks and wood, the dreaming wealth and joy in pure manner will attain, - it is from shine or simple stone, he will live long and be unassailable his Having and property, - brick stones and cement are the building material, will wave to the dreamer also joy and wealth, however, around the price of trouble and work because bricks are burnt in the fire.
  • Pulling one from his flat in an another, and is nicer new, his respect and his joy will be bigger than before, - he is in misery or illness, he will catch new optimism and become healthy, - however, he comes to a flat which is ugly and smaller, he will get from joy in misery, poverty and distress.
  • moves, however, does not know where, it means his death and the crossing in the other world.
  • he will experience
  • Dreaming of the emperors that his rooms have become other, bigger, brighter and brighter joy and take more country in possession, a my husband will earn more money in his trade.
  • Dreaming to one, in his house a wall, a terrace or a curve has collapsed, has broken beam or the door has lost her nails or has burnt, all this prophesies the death of the landlord or his next relatives, - besides, cracking the beam points to the man's people, that of the doors and walls on the women.
  • the new: you will see through the falseness of your business partners by your cleverness.
  • the ramshackle: avoid rash actions.
(See also house and under single names)

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