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Outlawed / outlawed

In general:

The dream figure of the outlawed shows a person who has positioned himself against the law of the society. In the dream that personality portion of the dreaming who positions himself beyond the law can appear as an outlawed. If the dreaming kills the outlawed in his dream, is this expression of the attempt to control own wild desires or to suppress.


Every person owns an anachistische side and longs for being a rebel once in the life. Now and then this wish can manifest itself as a countersexual figure in the dream. If this applies, the dreaming is occupied with the Anima or the Animus. If the dreaming and the outlawed have, nevertheless, the same gender, the dream picks out as a central theme the shade.


At this level the outlawed stands for a person who does not keep to the current rules of the spirituality and is expelled, hence. Nevertheless, he should not be disconcerted of it if he has the feeling to be on the right spiritual way.



  • you will be lonesome and have no friends.

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