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In general:

Crook deals after old dream books nothing with deception and dizziness, but should often warn about informal difficulties.


They are also in the dream people who want to do down us. Where a crook appears, we should become distrustful. They look after unconsciously doubt about the motives of your friends. It does not seem to be anybody sincerely towards you. They should think to themselves about your relations, above all business, but also informal ones. If one is it himself, one should direct the finger upon himself.



  • see: an enemy camouflages himself as a friend and cheats you,
  • deal with them: concludes by hardship, one will experience in trade and trade losses.

(European ones).:

  • see: Dream of the opposite, - luck and profit,
  • (with crooks deal): you will lose your possession,
  • are taken in by one: one will increase his trade and have a comfortable income.


  • see: Discord in the house.

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