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In general:

A REGION or the biggest accident to be accepted in a nuclear power station can occur by an explosion or on account of other causes. Such an accident can have unintentionally very far-reaching effects (possibly Chernobyl). If one dreams of a REGION in the nuclear power station, this is able to do the fear of a person of big changes in his life verbildlichen. The dreaming does not know yet which effects will have these changes, but to him is clear that they will be radical, even if he prefers a gradual process.


In one a row of undesirable personality signs suppressed instead of arguing with them causes one a destructive energy aggregation. The dreaming is drawn the attention by the dream of a REGION possibly on this dangerous state.


At the spiritual level a REGION in a nuclear power station refers to the fact that the emission of the energy which is used not properly could affect destructively. (See also atom bomb)

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