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Inn / restaurant

In general:

If the dreaming is in his dream in an inn and is aware of his behaviour, this shows how he behaves compared with groups and what he feels compared with the society. Maybe the dreaming visits the inn to attach new relations or to fight against his loneliness feelings. A public place which the inhibitions of the person of him slip reminds of the pagan need for parties and exuberance.


All people have social needs which can be satisfied by sociability, like just, for example, in an inn. It is the place of the communication and the enjoyment - and as with many other dreams which show a special space it also depends here on the mood and the appearance of the surroundings (and the other persons present). One can conclude from it under which circumstances one with pleasure with somebody would be just 'agreeable' together or which sphere and sensibly it is for own needs. The house calls our own body. The inn could circumscribe that we must give our body to something in the next time, so that he becomes more efficient again. Every group which gathers here does this merely temporarily. The aim of all partners is a relaxation and repose.


As the public place at which common values are important an inn of the creativity can offer space.



  • see a foreign one or stay in it: a forthcoming trip,
  • see a known one or stay in it: Expenditures by hedonism, - annoyance and discontent at home.

(European ones).:

  • capital loss, - lovers have to fear disappointments, - or a celebration or a big trip is to be expected, - also: Prosperity and pleasure if it is furnished nicely and is spacious,
  • stand before one and call in: one needs the rest, Li> indicates at satisfaction and comfort,
  • a neglected one: stands for low success, saddening duties or unhappy trips,
  • by a restaurant drinks consume: if is a bad sign, - with lovers deception is indicated on the part of the beloved person, - for the farmer means this one bad harvest,
  • of the owners of a restaurant be: hard have to work and at last recover from the losses and difficulties.
(See also guest, hotel)

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