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Gardener (in)

Association: - natural process. Question: - What grows up in me?

In general:

The role of a gardener is like the role of the farmer. Here, however, it concerns more a folder, the careful orderly of the herbal nature. The man with the green apron is covered to his flowers, to his fruit trees, on his cultural plantations. In the dream it is the internal gardener who may not allow to run wild the garden of the soul. Therefore, that dreamer got a fright so much when she had to recognise returning home that her garden completely weed, the small trees had run wild and the bushes had become shapeless, - thorn stuff grew above the way, and the well had dried up. One may remember that the sad women who searched dead Jesus in Easter him met as a 'gardener'. Therefore, and because it concerns the garden of the soul, Christ has been often shown as such. Dream gardens are found themselves in churches, and then the gardener is a monk, a priest or a heavenly shape. On the other hand, the gardener can have earth-like in himself in the dream a little bit very much. Then he combines with the reality of an existence concentrated in the garden close to the earth. Where the gardener appears in the dream, there mental is to be fixed, - if one himself carries symbolic-wise a gardening tool in the hands, the consciousness also has to co-operate in this order.


With every dream figure which takes over a certain role in the dream it is important to pay attention to what she is occupied with. A gardener can represent the knowledge and wisdom which the dreaming has collected by his experience of life. Often a gardener points in the dream to a person on whom the dreaming can count who pays attention to everything with which the dreaming believes not to be able to handle. It is a symbolic shape for the harmony and exchange with the nature in terms of give and take, form and draw inspiration. If the dreaming even in his dream maintains a garden, this is called that he provides affectionately for himself. All plants in the garden of the soul must be maintained equally and be kept by weed, because, otherwise, the soul garden threatens to run wild. The dream of the gardener often points out to the fact that in our psyche something has got in mess. If the dreamer helps in gardening, he will soon be able to solve his problems without foreign help.


A gardener in the dream supports the dreaming to recognise to the manners in himself and to give him more trust.



  • see or speak: Hope carry.

(European ones).:

  • means frustration.
(See also farmer, garden)

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