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Thread / thread reel

Association: - Connection, - pattern. Question: - What connects or do I create?

In general:

Thread stands for the ability to create order from the chaos. Earlier thread was connected inseparably with the spider, an archetypal symbol for the life. This picture still often appears in dreams. The person be formed life from that what is given him. Thread should spin after old dream springs register that one can initiate a happy love relationship. If one sees the thread, worries and internal restlessness stand behind it often.


The expression 'sailor's thread spin' testifies of the fact that thread is connected with the narrative. The dreaming needs heroes and heroines with whom he can identify, and maybe a clever counsellor. If one spins thread, one probably wants to persuade somebody of his sincerity.


At the spiritual level thread in the dream gives an instruction to the fact that myths and stories can help the dreaming on his spiritual trip.



  • see or own: secret love look after,
  • to upward winds: Stinginess and falseness will bring you damage,
  • to downward currents: watch out for waste,
  • confuse: your lies will overthrow you in involvements,
  • order the confused and roll up: Attempt to rush lovers in quarrel and quarrel
  • spin: be of good mood, - also: you come to the gossip of the people,
  • have a ball of thread in the hand: your friends will provide good services to you.

(European ones).:

  • indicates stinginess and avarice, - success signals in the business and a diligent lifelong companion,
  • roll up: meant the prosperity which was acquired by thrift,
  • unwound: Capital loss,
  • tear: announced hard times,
  • the knotted: if difficulties and obstacles forecast,
  • disentangle the knotted: if means a relaxed riddle,
  • an honourable man them will make
  • used a young woman thread, proudly his wife.
  • thread reel: stands for possession and prosperity.


  • see: your worries are very big,
  • spin: Luck with the other gender, - dear luck,
  • confuse: you will divide lovers,
  • to upward winds: you become stingy,
  • disentangle: you will solve doubt,
  • wind: you will get onto a secret.
(See also thread,' dressmaking')

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