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In general:

Who tightens them or would like to be hidden behind her, his fear shows that could be uncovered some on which he would rather like to spread the coat of the silence. The curtains which one pulls back or which allow to look outside indicate that the dreamer soon sees clearer in a certain matter. Curtain often expresses that one parts of own personality, intentions and aims veil before themselves or before others, but wants to suppress not completely. Then one should learn again to stand more openly to himself, to deceive neither himself nor others, even if this is not always easy.


Symbol for 'clear demarcation' - one wishes, even this (control to see through and 'to overlook' what other rather for himself keep or would hide. On the other hand, one tries hard to protect own area and own interests against the 'view' of his sphere. Who hides in the dream from head to foot behind a curtain, while others look for him, feels the insight into his momentary living conditions as an acute existence menace.



  • overestimate himself,
  • hide under it: let not patronise.

(European ones).:

  • see: one has to hide something, - warn about deceptions and deception,
  • white, clean ones hang up: there come unknown guests,
  • dark or dirty at the window have: brings worries in the household.


  • you wants to seem more than you are.

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