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In general:

Sheaf the harvest of the present life can stand, so the success symbolises, but also for the narrow connection in a person. The following other meanings are possible according to the accompanying circumstances:
  • sheaves tie together points out to the fact that one should well hold together the achieved up to now.
  • sheaves before themselves see lying promises an unconcerned future.
  • sheaves introduce registers that one will receive the fair wage for his work and trouble.
  • sheaves ausdreschen points out to the fact that one can make the best from a situation by own strains.
  • above a harvested field can be a matter to mean that one longs for an easy and clear life.


The acquired which one should tie, so that one does not lose it. Who binds sheaves, however, wishes maybe also a new partner whom he would like to bind to himself.



  • see standing engaged: your future is protected,
  • see fallen: the humiliation of an enemy experience,
  • bind: new acquaintance with high-powered personality make (25, - 27), - you lose your freedom, perhaps marriage,
  • charge and drive: your work will find her wage, your property grows and friends come.

(European ones).:

  • what one has gathered, one should try to hold, - symbol of the connection to a person,
  • see: Humiliation of an enemy, - nice times approach, - pleasing occasions,
  • announce
  • see standing on the field: Victory over your enemies,
  • sheaves bind: Wealth, honour, profit, success, luck, - or brings the establishing of a new acquaintance,
  • load and drive home: your trouble is recompensed,
  • collect: Prosperity,
  • bind up: meant futile work,
  • see breaking up: one will lose a friend,
  • thresh: you will receive an invitation,
  • see threshing: one will get out the best of a thing.


  • bind: you have not only luck in the play, but also in the love,
  • see lying before himself: many pleasant days approach you.
(See also grain sheaves)

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