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With the share as a dream symbol it is expelled to an ability or quality of the dreaming which brings to this advantage. Further the share can also appear than dream symbol for wealth. Who puts on them in the dream, security looks in an awkward situation who does not want to count they destroyed or sold, on wrong friends or counsellors. After the traditional interpretation have to go shares which one buys in the dream or owns, point to financial losses, while the sales promise financial success. However, this meaning is doubtful and is presumably connected rather with widespread reservations against this apparently 'unsafe' investment. If the shares with dark smoke burn, also financial losses, with bright flames threaten against it financial and professional success, - these interpretations are rather more realistic because of the additional symbolism of smoke and flames.



  • act with them: points to uncertainties in business things, - one is to be entered into concept Ventures which are not always run without risk,
  • shop in general: you should choose the sure way and think of your future, then you succeed,
  • straight definite ones shop: you will fall in love.

(European ones).:

  • shop, so that act, or only see: Warning dream! financial losses, - business worries by insecurity, - one is to be entered into concept Ventures which are not always run without risk,
  • own: indicates economic success,
  • sell: financial success, - better relations,
  • burn with dark smoke: financial, material losses,
  • burn with bright red flames: financial and professional success.

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