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In general:

Indicates to dream of bile that of the dreaming respect takes up to feelings of the bitterness which he possibly has concerning his life. If such feelings reach by means of dreams to the surface, the dreaming receives the opportunity to express them and to work through.


If a dream of the gall bladder or a gall bladder operation acts, this expresses the need to give up all activities which are not good for the dreaming. The dreaming must escape from bitterness, difficulties and from feelings of guilt.


If aspects of a dream are tantalising, it has no sense to push them aside. As a rule they return in one or other form so long, until the dreaming argues with them.


The bile stands for rage, the money and the wife. Sputum of bile or mucus promises to everybody which is during the misfortune, in a distress or illness, freeing from his present Übeln, - then all these materials cause no more discomfort if one has eliminated them. It brings to one to which it completely goes out by wish first something bad, then it releases him from it.



  • you becomes impatient and suffers damage.
  • vomit: Annoyance and frustration get.

(European ones).:

  • jealousy, annoyance, hostility. Disputes in the family will prepare for a brainwork. One searches somebody to for himself finish speaking.


  • domestic strife.

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