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medicine wheel:

Key words: Space create, - divide generosity, - - give joy, - look after the people, - the north. Description: Many trunks close to the earth knew a time, in the things were given away, were made presents. Besides, it concerned times at which a person, while she brought her gifts other, wanted to honour something good what had happened in her own life. One thought in the fact that such presents relieved to the receivers participating in the joy of the person on whose initiative the Geschenkemachen decreased. In this manner gifts were also distributed if somebody had died, so that all the others gave the dead by them who were handed to them, in good recollection kept. This kind of the giving away is connected with the energy of the north, and it belongs with to his most important lessons. For modern people the image of the Geschenkemachens is often frightening, because the society attaches to receiving and preserving of goods so much meaning. General meaning: Separate from own goods, - divide your knowledge, - space create for new energy, new gifts which come to you. Association: Talent, - talent. Transcendent meaning: Revelation of your spiritual abundance, - a deep need to share.


Gift sometimes means that one is in a hopeless situation and is pitied or pities for himself. If one distributes them themselves, can warn about the damage of own respect.



  • receive: you will live in poverty and be dependent on others,
  • give away: you acquire new friends.

(European ones).:

  • ask for it: is valid for heavy work with lower success,
  • from compassion conceive: good investment,
  • distribute or give: Ingratitude find out where one might expect them in the least one, - also: one will be submissive and a hypocrite, unless, one develops a bigger sense of duty,
  • distribute desultorily: one will come to disrepute.


  • receive: one will pity for you,
  • distribute: you will experience joy.

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