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Association: - Ground, - direction, - basic religious position. Question: - Where do I go?


He points to own position, values, convictions and principles, on the speedy Weiterschreiten on the life which does not succeed if the foot is injured. Freud gave a phallisch-sexuelle meaning to the foot because he in the shoe (speak the vagina) slips. According to accompanying circumstances in the dream, for example, the following meanings arise:
  • foot can see to indicate a mental-spiritual change which just starts.
  • The strength or firmness of the feet can register as one seizes a job. If one felt that the present aim will be a quick victory or hard work required
  • The running on naked feet must not necessarily mean an external predicament. One should win more healthy ground under himself again.
  • of sick people, crippled or broken foot points to obstacles on the other life which one cannot often overcome from own strength.
  • Who sees himself in the dream without foot or leg, must fear to lose the ground under the feet or the real setting to the life.
  • dirty foot can point to wrong life bases or announce an illness from which one still feels nothing. Also a bad conscience can thereby appear.
  • big foot sometimes indicates prosperity. Who sees his own feet gigantic before himself, to that means the unconscious that he lives presently on too big foot.
  • foot kiss points to the fact that one is too modest or must count on a humiliation for own failure.
  • foot can wash on a cleanly person point, - often the wish appears to separate from outdated principles. The foot washing can be also seen as a symbol for sadness or discontent.
  • If one himself or other itself the feet have a bath, this can mean that one has won distance of the everyday worries.
  • feet mean progress in the life of the dreaming, particularly if they run forward. Feet them run backward, can mean that the dreaming smashes the wrong direction in the life.
  • Many feet running with each other can mean possible material loss. This dream can ask to one to look after the financial situation.
Moreover, one must still note whether one dreams only of one or both feet, - in the first case still the meaning is often to be considered from the right or on the left.


The foot of the person shows his connection with the earth.


The ankles and the toes call in all remaining the same like the knees, with the difference that they mean not released, but slaves. To have more than two feet brings to a wholesaler, a shipowner and everybody, the Tagelöhner holds, luck, - they will order to an even bigger number of subordinates. To a coxswain the face prophesies calm, - then he will need much more feet if the oars of the ship are laid out. From good premeaning it is for arms, - he will acquire house slaves. However, illness threatens an empire, - then there he rests not on own feet alone, but also on those of his bearers, he believes to have more feet. Many lost her eyesight after this dream experience, so that they had to help themselves of a blind person's guide. To criminals it prophesies binding, so that they only under marking and not only can go out. I know somebody who dreamt, his body is completely motionless and only his feet stirred, - these took no step forward, however, still moved. It met him that he to the ship pump condemn became. Since those which must pump water from the ship step out like with the walking, remain, however, always on the same spot. Another dreamt, from his feet water flows down, - also he shared because he was a criminal, the same destiny, and in this manner ran water from his feet. Third which had the same face, but no criminal was, fell ill with the dropsy. If one looks that the feet burn, each threatens without difference evil and entire loss of having and property, even from children and slaves. Since the children go for the parents, just as the slaves, to the hand and look after and maintain them like this. Most interpreters of dreams do not follow this fact if they meant, the feet mean merely slaves. Only quits runner is favorable the dream experience if they look shortly before the race. They will set in motion swiftly and, so to speak, extremely urgent her legs. If one dreams of eating the meat of the foot of the son and he earns the living as a runner with his feet, it gives to the son wealth and the father use of his son. Syros, to the slave of the Antipatros, dreamt, he has no soles under his feet. He was burnt with living body. A runner who had gained the wreath in Olympia with the easy stadium run of the boys and wanted to take part in another competition dreamt, he washes the feet to himself in the Olympic wreath like in a washing bowl. He was defeated in this competition and was expelled schmählich of the place, - then he had violated the earlier acquired wreath. Somebody dreamt, it wounds him a lance fallen down by the sky on a foot. The man was bitten on just that foot by a so-called lance queue, he got the caries and died. A kyklischer flutist dreamt, his soles are eaten away by worms. He gave a receipt for his occupation, heard on to play and to take part in competitions, and his feet will eat away so weakly as if they were really from worms, so that he could not fill his place on the stage any more.



  • stretch: Death in the family,
  • wash: get a cold, - also: a bad situation will be settled, or a begun work should be continued in the existing form, because she will lead to an adequate aim,
  • take footbath: one will prove to you honour,
  • injure: Illness and grief,
  • swollen or ill: Delays in all things,
  • break: your advancement will be complicated to you very much, - to your plan there originate unexpected obstacles,
  • to broken ones have: Warning, one should moderate his ambition something,
  • maintain: everything comes to order and you succeed,
  • to small ones have: your unsafe appearance will make you ridiculous,
  • to big ones have: modest behaviour is better for you,
  • dirty ones have: must count on unexpected hostility, - a problem closes mind, - you are involved in a disagreeable thing,
  • have more than two: one will be filed in the life luck and before illness,
  • walk: you become independent and successful,
  • crooked ones have: you will commit a punishable action,
  • crooked see with others: one will put you and cheat.


- feet as a vision prophesy a sure social position and a good development:

  • small feet mean satisfaction, big wealth.
  • Being the feet injured or crippled, this warns about selfoverestimation.
  • wants to remind In general the sign of the fact that one is always defeated by the brass laws of the life. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • provided that not sexually to understand, planning for other life if the foot explains progressive movement,
  • the own see: Portent for desperation, - one becomes the victim of the wishes and mood of an another,
  • foreign ones see: favorable sign, - promises success, - rights can put through and come to a high position,
  • have a big one: one becomes a house-owner,
  • have a thin one: one has a tiresome way before himself,
  • naked feet see: if brings news,
  • go barefoot: one should come back again to the ground of the realities, - one needs more natural attachment,
  • at night
  • go barefoot with torn clothes: Expectations will smash, everything badly goes out,
  • break: Deferment of an important thing, - tells an accident in, - unexpected obstacles block the curriculum vitae,
  • are bitten in him: if means jealousy,
  • chopped: Disgrace and mockery,
  • dirtier: if illness tells in, - the bad conscience torments to one,
  • dirty ones: Hostility,
  • feet wash: meant light illness, - points to a cleanly house being, - also: others will profit from one, - favorable course of an unclear matter, the small detour was extremely salutary,
  • see washing somebody: Clarification of an unfavorable thing,
  • feet, somebody looks after theirs: a need for sympathy,
  • hurting ones have: degrading discussions approach, - it mostly concerns family disputes,
  • suppurating feet: if Miss's brightness means in your occupation,
  • an ill one: one will be detained in a thing,
  • feet, suffers: Waste,
  • crippled, crooked ones: points to disdain,
  • many: you will recover lost,
  • of another kiss: Remorse and humility,
  • thicker: if illness tells in,
  • swollen feet: register that to us wrong friends want to cheat and will make us a good friend abspenstig,
  • swollen and red feet: a sudden business turnabout make, while one separates from the family, - this is a bad dream which prophesies a scandal and eclat,
  • Hinkefuß: extremely big misfortune approaches, - one avoids friendship with strangers.


  • Dreaming to the emperor, him both feet have been chopped, he will not live long and lose personal and devoted servants before his death, - a my husband will soon die in poverty and torment, carry a woman her darlings to grave and be buried soon himself.
  • others: watch out for your opponent,
  • break: you should push open the marriage still for a while,
  • wash: an illness gives you big trouble,
  • many have: you get back your lost things.
(See also leg,' body ',' right ', to the left of')

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