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Because it concerns with the accordion a popular instrument, it illustrates sociable cheerfulness and exuberance or the desire for it. However, it can also warn about a superficiality, about lack of restraint or carelessness. Is to be followed what is played on the accordion or from whom it. If one hears in the dream happily harmonious music from an accordion, one will participate in the pleasure which tears out to one from glum brooding. One can undertake in future the burden much more happily. A young woman who sees playing the accordion to herself wins the heart of her lover by a certain sad event, - in spite of that lies lasting luck about her respect. If the accordion sounds wrong, nevertheless, an omen is for illness and lovesickness.


(European ones).:

  • happy songs playing: if means a time of the sadness,
  • sad songs playing: a happy time approaches.
(See also music)

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