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(The competition combined jump (halma), run (dromos or stadium), discus throw (diskobolia), spear throw (akontismos) and wrestling match (pale).)


To take part in the pentathlon meant after my experience in all cases first a trip or a move of a place after an another, namely because of the run, secondly, because of the discus which is from ore and is flung from the hands penal money, inconvenient expenditures or unexpected payments, - often, because of the jumps with the dumbbells, discomfort and in addition worries, - we say also from people who are dismayed about sudden incidents, almost the heart jumps to them. Further it prophesies civil disputs and replies, because of the spear throwing, because of the Schwirrens and the speed what resembles well specific speeches, - then well-to-do a lawsuit around land, to arms because of the wrestling match illness. (See also Olympic Games)

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