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Association: - Growth cycle, - production. Question: - What do I incubate?

medicine wheel:

Key words: New growth, - enthusiasm, - energy, - new beginnings, - the east, - Wabun, the eastern guardian of the mind. Description: In the spring the strength of the earth returns from internal in the external area. It is the time of new growth and new beginnings, the annual segment in which everything seems to awake to new life. The spring brings new energy, enthusiasm and joy. General meaning: A new beginning, - joy, - enthusiasm, - renewed energy and hope. Association: »May makes everything anew«. Transcendent meaning: An opportunity to walk on new spiritual ways, - a gift of renewed energy and renewed enthusiasm.


The spring is the season of the departure, the fresh start, the uncontrolled growth and above all the youth. It can be a symbol for new growth or new possibilities in the dream. Maybe a new respect is understood in the forming, or an already existing one receives new, stimulating impulses. Spring the maturation and development of the personality from which new life possibilities arise can symbolise. With the energy of this season the dreaming has the opportunity to exhaust his potential completely. However, the spring is also a warning that it will not always go on in such a way that we should make provision for the winter, the age. With young people and men from the life middle (the second spring) are behind it, however, also often sexual needs which want to be realised in erotic adventures romantically, - because this leads not seldom to big problems, ends with disappointments, the dream admonishes in such cases, however, to the care.


At this level the spring in the dream is a symbol for the progress, in particular on emotional area.



  • you goes towards to a nice future, - in particular a tip to germinating love and relevant hopes.

(European ones).:

  • the mostly pure power dream which often seems with young and with people in the 'second youth', - also: luck-promising omen, Li> stands for a new beginning in love or occupation,
  • see dreaming themselves of him: one has a wish which will never come true,
  • see the close of the spring: if a sign is for happy enterprises and happy companions,
  • spring in the wrong season: Herald of riots and losses, - in winter see: Omens of a marriage which will soon take place.


  • see: watch out for the women.
(See also summer, autumn, winter, seasons, 'direction - the east' and 'Wabun', eastern guardian of the mind)

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