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Early childhood

medicine wheel:

Key words: Birth, - new beginning, - healing of injuries from the childhood, - a dream of babies. Description: The early childhood is the period in which one enters from the dream time into the society which exists at the moment on the mother earth. In this phase one learns one However, amount of new skills, forgets also many of that truth with which one was born. In a healthy society the early childhood is a time of the love, intimacy and care, - a time which permits a gentle crossing in the life on the mother earth to the new living being. General meaning: A new part of you is born, - the dream by a birth, - a dream of yourself when you were one more child - a dream of your current or future children and how they are at this age or become his. Association: Innocence. Transcendent meaning: A revelation about the rebirth, - deep emotional understanding or healing of the injuries from the early childhood. (See also adolescence, childhood)

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