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Association: - Work on the self-image and the self-esteem. Question: - In which regard may I be better from now on?


The hairdresser in the dream can show the healer in the dreaming. An intimate respect objective, but nevertheless is for the dreaming now possibly of big importance. The hairdresser in the dream symbolises this respect. It is a frequent dream of people in 'reason marriages' or similar sensible, but listless relations: The exchange of tenderness and very close sensory joys simply comes too briefly. Wild-growing rampant is fixed with him - a tip to give us to the outside more civilised. Doctoring itself also is often a statement about our physical well-being. For many women her hairdresser is a person with whom they can freely speak of her matters. Hence, in the dream a hairdresser can appear as the personality portion of the dreaming who deals with the self-image and with what the dreaming of himself thinks. Maybe the dreaming in which manner he could change his self-image should consider. Doctor (hairdresser) often points to superficiality and vanity which attaches to the external light to great importance, - this can be also connected with the wish for more sexual attraction.


At the spiritual level the connection is evident between self-image and beauty. The person cannot grow spiritually if he does not like each other himself.



  • see: a love affair expects you,
  • visit: there threaten the financial losses which can be caused by selfoverestimation and risk readiness
  • operate with him: watch out for flatterers,
  • the hair sharply: one should not pass over the advice to avoid every influencing, because she would bring personal disadvantages with herself.

(European ones).:

  • changes, - business difficulties, - one should fall under influence under nobody, because one takes, otherwise, damage,
  • visit: in connection with one, are called by a good-looking woman produced scandal, - sees to such one woman: if means this family quarrel and deserving reproaches,
  • are doctored as a young person: it announces to itself an engagement or wedding,
  • can be coloured a woman the hair: she can hardly avoid the social mockery, after enemies have damaged first of all her call,
  • can be doctored them: she dedicates herself to frivolous inclinations and risks everything to make to herself other people pliant,
  • lets itself cut off them the hair briefly: they try 'to bridle' all her feelings.


  • maybe means a festivity.
(See also Doctor, hair)

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