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Association: - Death, - transformation. Question: - What is for me past?

In general:

Each of us has on close or distant cemetery a grave which rescues a departed beloved person. However, we also have a cemetery in ourselves in it and in him some grave of lost hopes, the resignation, the not reunion. The sense of the cemetery dreams is clear: they talk from the site of the dead people. Who goes in the dream to a grave after the cemetery, that visits a world which still contains confidential life for him. The dream way after the cemetery is done mostly when the person during real life conflicts still from white, - does not look then he to whom the life does not give enough answer, this answer in the grave of those which took a lot of lives with in the dark earth depth. The sense of the cemetery dreams is not unequivocal. Some people have to visit a certain grave because a problem which hangs together with the dead person is not solved yet. Others carry often against own expectation flowers and wreaths there again. Obvious has failed a feeling regression, back floods of the feeling forces which effect in the present remained, taken place. Particularly with ageing people these dreams are frequent. Some stand there for years in much too early graves. Just no stopping permits the life, does not permit staying with the most loved dead person, - and still happens, it sends his most dangerous funeral dreams and cemetery dreams. Who has lost a beloved person and fulfilled everybody to those things which obituaries, funerals and grief are called, in that the dead person has not often died for months yet. After months appears that dream appearing by many people: The surviving relative finds on the edge possibly of his garden, at the edge of the forest or in a not used room the departed person, breathing and still living, on a simple camp. He appeals to him made happy and surprised, and it can seem that the dead person says, he has been fed by children, by the servants or by compassionate farmer's wives, namely from forces which do not belong to the consciousness. Then made happy the dreamer hurries to announce this miracle the other. At the moment, however, he finds out that the revived is really dead. He had to find out that he had not died in him in it yet that, however, this hour the soul has taken up the death of the beloved person for itself as carried out. Many dreams of the death prove, like deeply the experience of the death, the Abschiednehmens, the loss in us in it lives. It is the death urtümliches, archetypal events to which towards one properly has to behave. Where in the dream death air blows, the complaint and the pale light of graves herüberdringt, there one should deal once again severely with the views expressed by the dream to these painful processes to win peace in himself. Since everything must be at his place, the life and the death which is also a state form of the life, in all his darkness, maybe a gate to the bigger life.


A cemetery and his connection with the death can represent in the dream the personality signs of the dreaming which he has 'destroyed', or any more does not use. On the other hand, he maybe symbolises the thoughts and feelings which the dreaming has to the death or, however, current settings and traditions concerning the death. In his dreams the person can allow safely that his fears in satisfactory manner come to the surface, and a cemetery can be a symbol of an adequate contact with these fears. The dead person's field appears in a time of real life conflicts in the dream. Then we seek as it were advice from those which one visits there - from the late parents (or a parent) one promises to himself the consolation which already means the overcoming of the upcoming problems. One searches in the grave the way out from the situation which opens darkly and evil-threateningly before one. Oddly enough women often dream of a cemetery. The fear, somebody or one himself will die, however, is groundless. Rather it seems to express the longing one by occupation, household and children overloaded woman after rest. It is hardly quieter somewhere. Cemetery can announce now and again a death if there are on it tips in the real life. Other traditional meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • A cemetery see death) from a very being close person maybe does not point to the separation (.
  • A cemetery enter meant to cocoon itself in past areas. Or we want to bury something what we would like to become free of.
  • stand on the cemetery, can sit or go promise that one has to expect a peaceful, happy age.
  • whiles we in the dream on a cemetery, so this is a sign that we can hang back-skilful on lost and not get away from it.
  • on the cemetery observe how somebody is carried to grave, asks to give up the present expectations and settings in a certain situation, so that one makes progress.


At the spiritual level a cemetery is the place of the dead people and the spiritual rerenewal.



  • see: it will be gave to one an old age, - also: Pay attention to your health. The difficult times which make you despondent. If it waits, it soon changes.
  • commit: a seriously ill has longing for you,
  • are on it: Illness or death of a close relative or friend. (7, 58)

(European ones).:

  • restlessness because of new problems, particularly if one is put before a decision, - one will defeat all things,
  • see: meant a pleasing event as well as recovery with sick people, - many hopes will come true,
  • see soldier's cemetery: if political confusion and war danger tells in,
  • enter one: one remembers former events and is monopolised by these which one wants to bury now,
  • on a nicely invested one be: unexpectedly receive news that a death-consecrated has recovered again,
  • on one stay: one still hangs too much on the past,
  • see an old cemetery overgrown by blackberry bushes: all beloved people leave to one of the care of strangers,
  • flowers on one bring: tells a death in the relationship in,
  • brings a mother fresh flowers on a cemetery: she can count on permanently good health of the members of the family,
  • visits a young widow the cemetery: she will soon exchange her mourning clothes with a wedding dress, - besides, she feels sad and pressed down: you approach once more grief and worries,
  • open grave: indicates a death,
  • young people saunter by dead still graveyards: the affectionate affection of friends is given, - but also worries come, are not able to turn away the self-friends,
  • the brides who go past on the way to the wedding to a cemetery: if her husbands lose in travel accidents,
  • old people a cemetery see
  • : they will soon go on the last trip and find her final rest,
  • between the graves see pick small children flowers and posthunting butterflies: a happy turn is forecast in the life, - one must carry no friend to grave, - one takes pleasure to very best health.


  • visit: your plans will fail,
  • see: quiet and pleasant age.
(See also 'burial', to grave, 'coffin')

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