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Association: - The aspect which is ready to be integrated. Question: - Which part of myself do I integrate at the moment?


If friends play a role in the dream, the dreaming must put to himself the following questions: First which relations he has in the everyday life to the friend in the dream, and secondly what this friend symbolises for him (for example: Security, support and love)? Friend (friendship) can point to an actual feeling respect, - then the accompanying circumstances reflect as it is really ordered therefore in the everyday life. However, often friends of the dreaming in his dream emphasise a certain part of his personality which he exactly look, understand and with which he must come in one or other manner to the pure one. Besides, friends stand for the close and positive sides of the dreaming. As a selfdoubt the dream of the friend who behaves negative can be interpreted. The friends or female friends are mostly shades of our Ichs, constant companions (see there) on our life who intervene with pleasure at the wrong moment and move us in bad light. They often carry only their trains, then turn out, nevertheless, possibly our favourite enemies who would like to wipe out us one. If one has quarrel in the dream with an especially good friend, that other is meant which wants to pull a fast one on us, the big stranger or the double in ourselves about whom to us the unconscious would like to warn. If a new friend is won in the dream action, this picture points to increasing self-confidence or expresses the wish for it. To dreams women of a friend, the partner can be sometimes meant with it. Old dream books interpret the symbol often still in the following manner:
  • The dream that a friend is pregnant gives a tender wish to recognise that one will have a long and healthy life and a narrow connection with the friend indicates.
  • friend should see to announce happy events in forthcoming time.
  • The meeting with a friend wants to warn us about rash actions.
  • with a friend can argue on problems in interpersonal relations point.
  • A friend help promises that one himself will receive assistance from the outside.
  • The dead friend promises quick important for very useful news by which one is surprised pleasantly, - now and again also edged out parts of the personality are expressed in it.
  • Several friends can signal the need for more sociability with close people.
  • Who has a friend in the dream, while he lives, otherwise, all alone, longs for sociability and feels lonesome and desolate.


Friends in the dream make easier the spiritual search.


All men and women whom one meets and which one sees, namely friends, benefactors and generally people who do not damage or have damaged promise living as a dead luck on the coming days, those against it which damage or have damaged, misfortune, - one must understand because the looked people as effigies of his personal relations, namely the friends as the good ones, the enemies as the bad ones. Close friends friendly welcome, respond and kiss, is good, - one will say friendly words and get to hear, - it is less good if one appeals to people who are not close, but in any way are known. Here still the following tip: The friends who maintain with the enemies of the dreaming contact and combine with them quarrel with the dreaming. Philinos dreamt, one of his comrades wants to go together with his enemies on travelling. He fell out with his comrade for reasons of who dealt nothing with his enemies. So that this does not seem contradictory, however, knows in such a way that if you see one of your friends and spend then a bad day he hates you and only simulates friendship. And if you look one of your enemies and spend one good afternoon, in such a way knows that you hate him wrongfully.



  • see a late one: an unexpected news find out, - luck in all situations,
  • a living one meet: one should watch out for rash action, - also: you need an assistant for your difficult situation and find him,
  • long missing ones see again: Misery,
  • friend, with him speak: for an interpretation, pay attention to what he says and acts, - also: you get a good advice and obey him, then you succeed,
  • to one says goodbye: must soon separate from him,
  • say goodbye to them: your problems are repaired,
  • welcome: good news receive,
  • close frivolously a friendship: you are unadvised,
  • find: Luck,
  • with them laugh: quick separation,
  • offend: Illness,
  • die: soon receive important news.


  • of friends and friendship to dream concludes by sociable times which could be finished, however, by bad news, provided that the dreaming is unadvised and commits mistake. In general the sign inspires to think highly of a furthermore good respect with his friends and to exert itself for it also.

(European ones).:

  • friends mean own person, - often in terms of brother, double etc.,-
  • have one: one will reveal secrets,
  • see one and with him speak: warns about wrong friends,
  • with one laugh: meant quick separation of him,
  • see a late one: if means unexpected news,
  • help one: one will receive himself help,
  • meet one: a warning before rash actions,
  • visit one: if means cheerfulness,
  • see or by them are visited: means that honour and recognition expect you,
  • successful and happy friends: pleasant news or meetings with these or members,
  • dream of distant friends: if is a sign that you will get good news,
  • soon from them
  • see anxious: the members have to suffer from illness and need,
  • see as swarthy: even or friends will get a bad illness or big worries,
  • with several friends being together: tells the visit from people whom one sees with pleasure,
  • darkly dressed friends in flame-red light: The joyless will come to the daylight what gives to a grief, - also friends are involved in it,
  • see a friend with a white cloth over the face: are injured by somebody who takes care furthermore of amicable relations with one,
  • with one argue: meant faithlessness of a friend,
  • change into animals: Enemies will provide for the fact that one falls out with friends,
  • see a late friend: one will soon find out astonishing news,
  • close a new friendship: one owns really loyal friends.
(See also strangers, man, person)

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