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Association: - female aspect. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for more susceptibility?


Woman belongs to the most ambiguous and most important dream symbols. In man's dreams they point after Freud mostly to the sexual wishes which can be fulfilled because of moral doubts in the deliberate life only in the dream. If a man dreams of an unknown, maybe even 'anonymous' woman, it concerns after C.G.Jung the feminine shares of his own personality, the Anima, the unaware female side of the psyche of a dreamer which states something about his feelings, his moods, but also about his dear ability. Actions of such women point to unaware qualities. In women's dreams they are any female people and can be interpreted almost only from the connection. If a woman dreams of a stranger (and deals them with their qualities), this means the discussion with the self-image, own femininity. The dream can be also to be known as a request how to look more after own arrangements, talents and needs and how to realise them more deliberately. Since time immemorial here the nice woman is valid as a luck messenger, and her kisses should promise even monetary increase. One should pay attention particularly to the colour of hair of such women and on what they do, as they move and in which surroundings they are. Then only one can venture on the interpretation. The vision of the nice woman was understood by the Egyptians apt-wise as a warning before too big issues. In general it can be understood as an embodiment of the feeling layer of a personality from which to themselves according to the accompanying circumstances numerous interpretations allow to derive. Often this arises only from the connection with the other symbols which appear in the dream together with the woman. The following meanings seem rather often:
  • woman see often points to not yet fully deliberate, partly sexual needs and expectations.
  • nice woman announces success, above all in feeling relations, in particular if she carries long hair.
  • old woman can embody own mother or überpersonal a wise counsellor, - this symbol often appears with immature people who want to long excessively for protection and security and take over no own responsibility.
  • pregnant or bearing woman is interpreted as a luck symbol which promises prosperity and success, - a suppressed wish for marriage and family with children can sometimes also stand behind it.
  • naked woman nothing mostly deals with sexuality, but warns about vain, fruitless trouble.
  • woman should embrace before disputes warn, - besides, one kisses them, however, this promises success.
  • reciting, above all older woman often announces that plans and hopes come true because one receives help, besides.
  • made up woman warns about the flattery more different to which one may give no faith.
  • red-hairy or black-hairy woman should often point to forthcoming difficulties, brown-haired sometimes on a still unrecognized illness.
  • with a woman can also go for a walk on annoyance and other problems of the everyday life point.
  • Several women together can warn about clap and defamation of character.
However, this is only one part of the possible interpretations of the symbol of the woman, - the individual sense often discloses only with the help of free associations and taking into account the personal living conditions.



  • Dreaming one, he gets involved with an old woman, he will attain from a powerful figure who is already with years power, - he has asked them, however, only for the coitus or to understand such to her has given, his desire, however, does not give satisfaction, he will struggle in an impossible thing, but straighten nothing.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, he gets many young girls for his palace, he will win foreign wealth and live so many years in joy as the number of the girls amounts, - these are of those even many, it means months. If this looks a my husband what is unusual, he will have a lot of money, but also worries.
  • Seeing of the emperors or a prince an elegantly dressed woman in his palace, his own or a foreign, and it seems to him, he jokes and operates with her, he will experience a year which runs in all by his wish. If he reaches for her breasts and squeezes out milk, he will get that year a big joy, but also the woman will enjoy the society of the lover, - a my husband will gain a good annual income in his trade, a slave soon attain the freedom, a pauper come to property.
  • Buying somebody a young girl and chooses it to his lifelong companion because he has found fallen in her and has grown fond of it, he will win to earlier acquired rights still others.
  • clarifies the known ones see: you get help of friend's side,
  • clarifies, but naked ones see: one should take before blind love in eight, - also: Luck and health, - also: Symbol of an unaware passion,
  • ugly ones: Grief and difficulties approach,
  • in festival clothes: an engagement or wedding,
  • in mourning clothes: Death in the family or heavy illness,
  • black or knows covered woman see: meant the death,
  • with blond hair: a difficult situation will free itself,
  • with red hair see: watch out for pursuit, - a discussion will taper to a point, - indicates a trap which tries to put somebody in the surroundings to one
  • with brown hair: a bad premeaning, - illness of members of the family,
  • with black hair: one is jealously according to the length of the hair of the woman,
  • with nice long hair: Health, - luck,
  • with very long hair: a dear matter will accept serious character,
  • with short hair: one must count on annoyance,
  • with an unknown one gather or speak: one will make acquaintances,
  • old ones see: quarrel and argue, - grief and worries by marriage disputes,
  • many see together: one should watch out for clap, - it is banged about one,
  • see reciting an old woman: good times,
  • see reciting an unknown nice woman: a higher place will bring you help,
  • pregnant ones: unexpected joy comes up on,
  • with a baby: Family luck, - new arrival to the family have,
  • with a child: concludes by forthcoming worries,
  • kiss: you will win a lot of money, - find out a lot of luck in close future,
  • make the court: you are cheated by flatterers, - is careful with your expenditures, because it announces to itself a deterioration of the financial situation which could be prevented by a little bit more thrift,
  • are courted by women: one could get very soon in financial difficulties,
  • malicious laughing ones: big expenditures,
  • unnatural laughing ones: Grief and desperation in one is brought down by a dear matter,
  • in joy laughing ones: the worries are overcome, success is sure,
  • weeping: it is a heavy grief to you,
  • a threatening one: you have proceeded in danger, the biggest care allow to prevail, saves damage,
  • ladies meet: you will have one good afternoon,
  • hold in the arm: one is still far away from his aims and wishes, - also: one should take before an accidental love affair in eight,
  • see falling unconsciously in the arms of another: the great love will come soon true, linked with all expected luck.

(European ones).:

  • is as a dream symbol mostly an expression of wishes and expectations, - also: if intrigues,
  • promise
  • see a laughing one: Grief and Verzweifelung in the love live in the forces,
  • with one argue: are outwitted and are deceived,
  • hear the voice of a woman: Changes in the position,
  • virgin: unexpected joys,
  • one with elegant shoes: Hedonism,
  • with sleeping bonnet: if means laziness,
  • stately and nicely: Messenger of the luck, - one is in love,
  • nastily and unsightly: Incommodities,
  • old ones see: if quarrel and quarrel brings in the house, - often back recollections and idealised mother's recollections,
  • of an old one meet: Misfortune on the way,
  • with long hair: if luck and honour promises, - a respect will become engrossed,
  • blond women: all obligations will be pleasant and correspond to own inclinations,
  • one with red hair: one is pursued, - somebody sets for one a trap,
  • with black or brown hair: if means illness, - unaware jealousy,
  • dark-haired woman with blue eyes and snub nose: one will lose a race with which the victory was sure already at last,
  • dark-haired woman with brown eyes and a Roman nose: are involved in a dangerous speculation,
  • with bobbed hair: if promises a nice pleasure,
  • kiss a young one: if brings profit,
  • kiss an old one: if quarrel means in the marriage,
  • see naked: Seduction, - sign of unaware passions by one could make himself ridiculous,
  • see a young one naked: vain desire,
  • see a pregnant one: if Li> brings pleasing news, - unexpected joy,
  • one see being delivered: if well-being and luck,
  • promises
  • see one with a child: soon many worries have,
  • make one the court: one will be cheated by flatterers, - one should be careful with his issues a little,
  • stand with one in favour: one will get in quarrel,
  • are courted by women: one is too careless and now the finances experience a bottleneck, thrift is announced,
  • take one in his arms: if means quarrel,
  • hold one in the arms: one should step aside to a superficial love affair better,
  • see the shame of her: if means unsatisfied desire,
  • with her come to intimate touch: Costs, expenditures,
  • meet an unknown one: one gets to know somebody new,
  • with a foreign one speak: you will close a new acquaintance,
  • see in the society: if Li> means to strife and passion for gossip,
  • several foreign ones together see: one is gossiped about one,
  • many see together: Change of the relations, - one will give a society,
  • see reciting one: if Li> indicates at good times,
  • see a made up one: if means hypocrisy,
  • conversion of such in a man or vice versa: if means Verehelichung or firm connection,
  • dreams a woman of female beauty ideals: if insecurity registers concerning partners and femininity,
  • dreams a woman of motherly people: strong wish for more seelsicher security,
  • dreams a woman of a known woman: Herald of good news,
  • dreams a woman of an absolutely foreign one: quarrel, envy and annoyance can be released.


    this means
  • seen somebody in the dream a nice, unknown old woman, the destiny of the person, - he dedicates himself to her, he will have so much luck as he found out love from her, - he changes with her only confidential words, he will satisfy to such an extent in all his wishes as he was pleasant to the woman.
  • Looking he a known old woman of ugly appearance, so much evil will happen to him as he felt drawn to her, the woman is nice, the evil will be slighter.
  • a young girl prophesies big luck and joy, depending on how nicely she is.
  • he will experience
  • Looking somebody a veiled young girl who changes with him close words or speaks, secretly a joy and a luck which remains concealed of the large amount. Also it will go out to him in view of the remaining females, - besides, the veiling points to the secret desire. To say it simply: If it is about dear joys, the interpretation is more favorable if one dreams of virgins, - besides, more luck than the known one brings unknown.
  • Also promises one which on grounds of her beauty care a nice appearance shows, more luck and joy than a neglected one.
  • Also an unknown Hetäre is more luck-bringing than the known one.
  • The more often one in the dream with Hetären wrong, will become the more richly he if he is a child of this world. Devout and hermits... means it to misery. If somebody gets involved with a prostitute, he will increase his wealth, but around the price of loud wrong.
  • Dreaming one that known his wife is present become he, his woman and member of the Beischläfer rich finances and every necessary help agree. If his woman has only kissed latter or has changed confidential words with her, but not has slept with her, the called will get to hear only nice words as a help from him.
  • he will attain
  • Sleeping somebody with a nice woman, in the same year joy and wealth. If the woman is unknown, the luck will grant to him even more.
  • Dreaming to one, he sleeps with a woman and discovers to her male genitals, he will take in the same year pleasure and luck and generate a son who will ennoble his whole gender.
  • Seeming it one, his or another woman or a concubine which operates with him carries dirty clothes, he is degraded and are subjugated by his enemies.
  • Dreaming somebody, his woman who is of good hope gives the life to a son, she will bear a girl, however, the dreaming will be very depressed about that, - however, the woman is not pregnant and seems to it him, she bears a son, big misery and grief about him will come.
  • Dreaming he, his woman who is pregnant bears a daughter, she will give to a son the life, and the dreaming will count himself happy,
  • with her go for a walk: watch out, because menacing evil expects you,
  • with red hair: unsteady love,
  • with black hair: by a carelessness you will come to a bad Klatscherei,
  • laughing and nicely: you must hold together your money.
(See also person)

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