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If one of the dream shapes performs a certain activity, must be cleared what has to mean this activity. A fisherman symbolises the breadwinner of a family, a deep-sea fisherman can stand for bravery, a river fisherman possibly refers to a need for rest and rest. Like some fisherman there sits the dreaming in the water. He 'fishes' for contents of his soul which should be nourishing he from the water, a symbol of the still unconsciously remaining mind, heraufholt, and to him as fish. The fish is a soul animal. He has become the holy food, - then few fish became by the food miracle of Jesus the food for many thousands. The pope carries as a successor Peter the fishing ring. Parzival meets the Sangraal king as a lonesome fisherman. For unaware, dark and chill reason the strangest fish are brought up, - everybody means something about the soul. It can be a big, mighty fish, a multicolored being, also a goldfish which has to do thus nothing at all with that unhappy being in small glass containers. A painter overcame his neurosis, could start to paint only again, after he had caught a marvellous big fish in the dream. Who is too comfortable, for example, in the dream as a Fischer to take his catch of the hinge or from the net, brings itself in the awake life probably around the fruits of his work. If he scales the fish, before he prepares him, it falls to the dreamer in the deliberate life like scales of the eyes as he must seize a thing to have use of it. The fisherman in the dream also symbolises the wish of the dreaming 'to catch' a new partner immediately to himself, for example.


At the spiritual level the fisherman can be the symbol for a priest in the dream.



  • see or speak: are cheated.

(European ones).:

  • wrong friends try to entice you.

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