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Association: - Emotion, - freedom of movement in the element of the feelings, - internal. Question: - What do I feel?


The image that all life from the water came is very widespread, she also corresponds to the today's theory of evolution. With the dream it is signalled to the dreaming that he has access to the collective unconscious. C. G. Jung sees the fish as a symbol for Himself. Jung means with it the totality of deliberate consciousness and subconsciousness. They are to be evaluated positively as a food and with it as an expression of mental energy, but also danger threatening as the big living beings which we cannot defeat, because they from the unfathomable depths (the consciousness!) suddenly on us attack. A dream about fish produces the connection with the emotional side of the dreaming. He makes clear that the talent of the dreaming does not lie in the strategical thinking. Often, nevertheless, an instinctive reaction is right as analysing a situation. Because it lives in the water and is the water a symbol for the unconscious, the fish also points to the driving forces steered by the subconsciousness of the dreaming which are suppressed too strongly or are rejected, or the wish for children is behind it it. Already in Babylonia fish were valid as a phallisches symbol. Then this points to the emotionally cold side of the sexuality. To interpret the fish, however, in general sexually, would be too one-sided. The old Egyptians saw the symbol of the soul in the fish. In the Buddhism the fish is valid as a token for the spiritual power. According to our view they outline the depth of the human soul. According to the accompanying circumstances different individual interpretations arise, among the rest:
  • If one himself is a fish, one can be renewed after C.G.Jung in the bath of the life spring and rejuvenate.
  • recumbent fish point to an assuagement of the vitality.
  • Swimming the fish in the clear water and is healthy and high-spirited, the emotional life of the dreaming is compensated and harmonious.
  • Many fish swimming in the clear water indicate at the cheerful-buoyant soul state of the dreamer. In some myths they are shown as an omen for prosperity.
  • Many fish in the dream to observe a meeting with own true I can explain. One considers how the fish swam and whether one himself was a part of the dream.
  • Many different fish can indicate increased social or business activity.
  • the exotic fish which swim together can mean a freely flowing spirituality.
  • a dream of big fish can symbolise fertility or forthcoming luck.
  • a dream of small fish refers to the state of nervous excitement or excessive demand there.
  • greed or the desire for material possession can show
  • of fish in the dream, probably at the expenses of the spirituality of own life.
  • fish can catch a request explain to take care more of self-knowledge, to investigate more exactly itself to find to the internal harmony, - moreover, can be announced with it great success and financial profits.
  • Finding to itself the fish on the dry, so the dreaming is afraid of unattainable ideas and wishes.
  • one gets as a gift
  • fish, can warn often about defamation of character by apparently friendly people.
  • fish will buy from old dream books often as a warning before the cunning more different understood which one may trust in spite of her friendliness not blind.
  • the fish which glide to one from the hand warn maybe also about flatteries.
  • the fish which one feels as slimy and cold often point to a certain coldness which one covers up by empty friendliness, - one should change this wrong behaviour.
  • The fish by which one is devoured often announces that one feels threatened by contents of the unconscious because they are not to be held any more enough under control, - a more serious mental illness is sometimes expressed in it.
  • dead fish give to Artemidoros instructions to lost hope, disappointments, failure or the failure of serious efforts, - who catches against it living fish, has view of success.
  • hinge, fishmonger or fish market are the in each case positive symbols which promise success and financial profits.
  • Eating one a fish, one does not need to be afraid of determining events. If one swallows, however, the Gräte, one should watch out for swindlers.


Fish symbolise temporarily available spiritual power. They are the symbol of the water, the life and the fertility.


To eat fish is favorable, particularly the roasted, but just all the others which are prepared in any way the small ones excluded, - this have more Gräten than meat and so mean in no case material profit, but hostility with the narrowest relatives and empty hopes. Then fish after her external appearance mean something miscellaneous, - in detail it behaves with it as follows: Fish of mottled colouring mean to ill poisoning, healthy fraud and posters, e.g., of the Lippfisch, the Phykis, the sea bass, of the Iulfisch, the Strometeus and similar ones. Slaves and criminals tortures, sick people violent fever and inflammations, to people who want to stay undiscovered discoveries, as for example the dentex, the red sea barbel, the Knurrhahn and the grey mullet prophesy the reddish ones. Luck brings the latter to childless women, - then she spawns three times. So she also rightly carries for her names (tris = three) as Aristotelis explains in his animal history and Aristophanes of Byzantium (in 257-180 B.C. grammarians and leaders of the alexandrinischen library) in the comment to Aristotelis. Fish peel, are sick people, incarcerated, to arms and all which are in a hardship, from good premeaning, - these will create the evil by which they are tormented from the neck, e.g., the shrimp, the crawfish, the crab, the lobster, the pocket cancer, the so-called Vettel and other this kind. These prophesy often also blows because they fight themselves, and travelling because they are amphibians. All fish kinds which cause to us an intestinal disturbance and cause failure mean the same like the vegetable foodstuffs and grant the same use to the people. From the cartilage fishing mean big with and sonders vain strains and hopes which do not come true because they escape from the hands and have no scales which surround the body of the fish, as well as Having and Property the people. Here belong the Muräne, the freshwater eel and conger eel. The level cartilage fish bring on because of her wildness dangers and posters, e.g., the stingray, the Zitterrochen, the sea ox, the so-called eagle, the shark, the sea angel and similar fish of this kind. Fish without scales, beschuppten resemble, mean that hopes of the dreaming become water, - e.g., the tuna and his subspecies, the small tuna, the one-year-old tuna, the Simos, the hammer shark, the mackerel and similar one belong to it. Pike, Melanuren, Alante and gobies mean, one will fall rogues and bad subjects in the hands, shi drums and Schleimaale, one will deal it with villains and good-for-nothings. Freshwater fishes bring luck, however, in lower measure, - they are not at a premium thus like marine fishes and are also so nutritious not. To find dead fish on the sea is not good, - they indicate futile hopes and do not let expectations come true. It is better to catch living fish. Then it is to be dreamt for a seafarer and a sick person disastrous, he sees a fish in his bed. One it means wreck, to the other danger which originates of juices or by juices. If a pregnant woman dreams, them bear a fish, the child to whom she gives birth will be dumb after the interpretation of the old people, however, after my experience live only short time. Many also bore dead children, - then every fish perishes if he leaves the element rescuing him.



  • usual ones see: give to themselves vain trouble,
  • big ones see: high visit get,
  • see a certain number: one should try his luck in the lottery,
  • eat: Property increase according to the eaten amount and size of the fish (s),
  • shop: Spöttereien are put out,
  • catch: good portent for the coming monetary profit or favorable course of an enterprise, - also: Luck and success in the dear life,
  • even caught ones have: Malice of envious people experience,
  • cook: provide for the future,
  • scale: give to themselves vain trouble.


  • a freely swimming fish stands for power and wealth which you can attain if you succeed in getting out the best of yourselves.
  • cooked fish makes known to you that you may not expect any more than that what you perform.
  • decayed fish means health loss and/or quick growing old.
  • If you see a flying fish, you will still experience the maximum in earthly luck. (K

(European ones).:

  • an old symbol for hope and impetus,
  • see in the clear water: the favour of the empires and powerful figure win, - see swimming: Signs of the coming luck, - also: Health,
  • small ones: Discontent,
  • brings losses, illness, grief, -
  • big ones: getting over bad times, - means good salary,
  • golden ones see: Fulfilment of hope,
  • to flying ones see: underhand employees and late hours contain special dangers, - you avoid both,
  • many catch: promises rich profit by own diligence, - a begun enterprise will run successfully,
  • a big catch: if Li> promises good shops,
  • to small ones catch: Sadness,
  • catch a cat's fish: are embarassed by enemies, - nevertheless, one can prevent with mind and luck the worse,
  • see in a foreign net: Difficulties,
  • coldly or slimy: one is 'soaped' by flatterers literally and is used for their purposes,
  • eat: Health, - means for women light birth, for men that they will have with Mrs. Glück, - lasting friendship,
  • see as a display in a fish dealer: Difficulties expect,
  • shop: if Li> warns about deception,
  • dead fish: signal the loss of power and wealth by a bad disaster,
  • are devoured by a fish: one suffers from deep mental conflicts and feelings of the absolute helplessness,
  • men in the dream fish see eating: one will have luck with women,
  • a fish dream a good-looking and gifted man promises
  • of A young woman.
  • If pregnant of it to dreams to eat fish announces to itself a light birth.


  • see: your friends are not honest with you,
  • living ones: your love finds no hearing,
  • dead ones: you are pursued by Klatschereien,
  • catch: the people with her friendliness not always mean it well with you, - you make to yourself enemies,
  • shop: you will be showered with wrong salutes,
  • get as a gift: one will repeat to you bad,
  • eat: you have luck in the lottery,
  • big ones: an important plan,
  • small ones: Disputes with the husband, - frustration.
(See also fishing, net, spring, scales, zodiac, water)

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