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Association: - by defensive arrangements protected. Question: - Which protective mechanisms is I to be checked ready?


Fortress can be interpreted partly as castle. In the reality the fortress is the embodiment of security and Unbezwingbarkeit. As a vision it symbolises against it feeling of inferiority, fears, insecurity and inhibitions of the dreaming or is a tip to the fact that his relation to his environment is disturbed. Conclusions on loneliness and isolation can be pulled. If a fortress is given up in the dream or is left, the wish of the dreaming for more assurance and a better relation to others is reflected in it, he already works on it. However, as strong differences between the dreaming and his environment the vision of the violently fought fortress can be interpreted.

the following single interpretations are possible according to the accompanying circumstances:

  • fortress see registers fear of attacks, hostility and disputes to which one feels not grown.
  • fortress are based points to internal opposition against an important examination into own personality which one cannot take yet.
  • destroyed fortress can point to disappointed hope or warn about the loss of the assurance, - now and then is also expressed in the fact that one has given up long represented opinions, opinions, convictions and quite own life-styles.



  • see: Enemies will bother you, - one will fall from favour with a superior, - also: it will be difficult to achieve the aim,
  • erstürmen see: you will know how to defend yourself,
  • see firing: one will try to deceive you,
  • stay in it: one will limit your freedom.

(European ones).:

  • fear of attacks and obstacles, depending on whether the action plays in or beyond the fortress. Importantly if young women dream of it.
  • see: meant hostility and misery,
  • see under construction: if a political crisis tells in the country or land circle in,
  • visit: Adjustment, defamation of character,
  • in one be enclosed: are brought by enemies in a disagreeable situation,
  • other enclose in it: in the love or with women determine the events,
  • erstürmen: one should forge no big plans,
  • a destroyed one: if brings a sad recollection.


  • one cannot do everything by force,
  • see: you will fall from favour with superiors,
  • see burning: Illness,
  • see firing: is compassionate against your people.
(See also 'cave', 'castle', 'castle')

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