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Tie up

Association: - Limitation, - forcible restriction. Question: - What do I fear to act?


Chain appears in the dream sometimes body-partly if one has got caught, for example, in the bedding, no meaning comes up to the dream of course. Also high nervous strains and stress can lead to the chain dream which is accompanied then often by fear and nightmares, - this warns about other excessive demand. She can stand in the negative sense for a sort of captivity. However, the chain is due often to the fact that one feels restrictedly (tied up) by internal (for example, inhibitions, fears) or external circumstances and people in his selfdevelopment and advancement of the personality, - this must be analysed individually and be put down. If a foot chain seems in the dream and is it only in the form of a foot small chain, this can be a tip to a masochistic disposition of the dreaming. In the positive sense the chain seems in the dream as a symbol for marriage or in general a respect of the dreaming in the private and also professional area. It is important, which is why the dreaming is tied up in which.


Foot chains point because they clasp, custody, impediment and illness in. Slaves forecast them big positions of trust which cannot be challenged for them, - unmarried the marriage and childless child. After the material of the chains one can close on the expenditure for the wedding celebration.



  • be tied up: one will remeet a person by whom one was not considered earlier, however, a lasting impression left, - also: you commit a punishable action, - danger!
  • carry in the hands: it will been obvious to you an honourable office,
  • in legs and feet: there threatens an impediment or illness,
  • see themselves: Expression of a late remorse for follies one has made in the past,
  • put on somebody: you will come to the rule, - also: by force one can force no love.

(European ones).:

  • nervous reaction to tensions, - often together with nightmare,
  • in general: the coming obstacles,
  • feel tied up, carry: Portent for honourable offices or loan, - the reunion with former love makes once more a strong impression on one,
  • are not released from the chains: business difficulties of serious nature expect,
  • others tie up: by force one can force no love,
(See also 'prison', chain ',' circle)

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