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Heel symbolises a vulnerable, weak place (Achilles' heel): This can refer to the personality or to plans with 'weak spots'. If the heel is injured, our position moves in the everyday life, our advancement is restrained, or we must maybe give 'heel money'. A wound in the heel also indicates maybe that a personal weakness is used by others, without one has made this deliberate to himself.



  • injure themselves in it or wound: you will be offended,
  • in it pains feel: you will suffer damage,
  • of another see: Opponents go away from you, because they are afraid,
  • of another injure or to him on it step: to themselves by his behaviour acquire an enemy.

(European ones).:

  • symbol of a known weakness of whose discovery by others one is afraid,
  • see one: if brings evil, - grief,
  • see his own: one has fear that other own weak spots discover,
  • have wound or pains in the own: one has a weakness which is used by others.


  • you will suffer a damage.
(See also leg,' foot ',' body')

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