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Association: - Immutability, - security. Question: - What want I to keep constantly?


At the mind level the pictures have validity which can be tied together like reliability, cold, inflexibility and so forth with the rock. The dreaming must recognise these qualities in himself and learn to handle properly with them. Dreams of rock point to stability in the real world. Often he stands for idealism, internal firmness, perseverance, steadfastness and steadfast assurance. In general a strong personality can appear in it whose life on a sure basis stands, is carried by firm convictions which looks immobile thereby maybe, however, also a little bit and intolerant. If the person stands on firm reason, he can survive. Maybe is also aware to the dreaming that he must be unmoveable like a rock in the pursuit of his aims. According to the accompanying circumstances, for example, still the following quite special interpretations are possible:
  • rock see registers that one must count with his pinned up plans on obstacles which one will overcome, however.
  • coastal rock remind the dreaming of happier, more unconcerned periods of life.
  • rock can indicate as a phallic symbol sexual needs which one suppresses too strongly.
  • Finding to itself the dreaming in his dream between rocks enclosed, so this picture stands for a difficult situation.
  • Who climbs on a rock, the old Egyptians already said this, many obstacles oppose in the awake life that. Modern psychologists have taken over this picture, however, add: Who climbs on a rock, a striving for higher is not to be deprived of that, he will achieve his aim only under mobilisation of all strength, courage and skill.
  • however,
  • Who builds on rock, a good foundation finds for his lofty plans.
  • from the rock can climb down register that one must capitulate to the difficulties, his aim in spite of all efforts will not reach.
  • fall of the rock warns about a failure or misfortune because one has maybe pinned up his aims to or has not followed obstacles.


At the spiritual level rocks stand in the form of a barrier for a passageway to a new period of life. He shows the picture of the immobility and firmness. They also warn against not pinning up aims to.



  • see: Arduousness of every kind experience, - warn against pinning up his aims to,
  • boulder: Inhibitions in the love are to be overcome,
  • crag: the heaviest is already created, you can rest,
  • climb a precipitous one: in the occupation to success only by hard work reach, - you will overcome difficulties,
  • stand on it and take pleasure to a nice view: rich hopes look after,
  • climb down from one: light trouble have,
  • see rushing from one: one should give more attention to his state of health, because there is the danger to be demanded too much by the occupation,
  • of one fall off, or are crushed by a falling one: Misfortune and death danger in view have.

(European ones).:

  • origin of the stability and the base of all actions, - also: Setbacks as well as discord and in general misfortune,
  • very high ones see: meant a wonderful plan, - big plans,
  • on dry standing ones see: however, meant work, trouble and fight hope lets for a success of your plans,
  • of water surrounded ones see: Problems will fast free themselves,
  • mount: a matter will be delayed, - also: immediate annoyance and a disappointing sphere,
  • scale: one will achieve his aim, - fulfilment of wishes,
  • want to climb and are not able: brings a setback,
  • from laboriously climb down: meant the loss of friends or relatives, - also: a high aim will fail,
  • fall from a rock: if a suddenly entering misfortune tells in.



  • Your faith will be to you big help. Success.

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