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In the worst of all one it is after my observation if one dreams of Fellatio by the mother, - it means to the dreaming of the death of the children, loss of his Having and good and heavy illness. I know somebody who lost his gender limb after this dream face, - quite consistently he was punished in the body part with which he had trespassed. If somebody dreams of Fellatio by his woman or his lover, hostility will be the result, or marriage and love affair will go to the breaks, - then such a person can eat neither in, nor participate in the kiss, unless, the woman goes pregnant, - in this case she will lose the foetus because she received the seed in unnatural manner. Further the woman who is more wealthy than her husband will pay many debts for him and one which lives together with a slave big sums of themselves raise and ransom for him with it, and in this manner the need of the man (then so will be settled the gender limb is called), that is his compulsive situation. If one dreams of Fellatio by a friend, a narrow relative or a child who is out from the coarsest, one will quarrel with the Fellator, - such happens by a small child, one will bury this, - then impossibly one can still kiss this. Fellatio by a stranger means, one will be got covered with any punishment, because of the useless removal of the seed. If somebody dreams, he carries out himself such things mocking to every description in a friend, man or woman, he will fall out with the person concerned because he can touch of no other more mouth. Fellatio in a stranger brings each to damage, excluded to those which earn her living, I my flutists, trumpet players, Rhetoren, sophist and similar people with the mouth. If one dreams Fellatio with himself, brings to an arm, a slave and a debtor use, - they will create her distress of the neck, - badly against it it is for one which wants to generate children or children. erstere will lose his children by the death which latter remain childless, - then the gender limb resembles the children, the mouth, however, to a grave, - then what the mouth takes up, this devours he and does not preserve it. Further one has to deplore after this dream face the loss of the wife, - then who can get himself the dear joys, does not need a woman. To all others it prophesies oppressive need or illness, - either they are meant from the food worries to the most necessary (the most necessary (to anankaion) also approach the male limb) that is called, this sell what they do not want to give at all, or shrink as a result of the illness physically in such a way that they can advance mouth to the limb because they have become so thin. (See also sexual intercourse, mother)

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