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If one dreams of a miscarriage, this can point to the loss of the job, on the failure of an already begun project, on the resolution of a personality component or an undesirable trend in the life. The dreaming needs time to process the events. Miscarriage expresses uncertainties and changes in the awake life. In man's dreams own failure expresses itself in this picture. In women's dreams she mostly describes the fear not to agree a little bit what one wishes ardently. The interpretation also depends on whether it had earlier already a miscarriage, - this applies, then the dream can be a tip to the fact that at that time she has not taken enough time to the grief. Also the women who have an abortion behind themselves dream now and then of miscarriages if they have not taken the loss of the child emotionally yet. With pregnant women the fear of complications can stand now and again during the pregnancy behind it.


At this level a miscarriage stands for a heavy loss and for depressions.



  • an omen of the warning: If a woman dreams of a miscarriage, it is urged to think her health and her contact with more care.
  • it symbolises
  • Dreaming a man of it, a danger of his dear life or, however, his monetary acquisition.
  • Having a child the dream of a miscarriage, so this is called that in secrecy danger lurks. The biggest care is offered!

(European ones).:

  • if the symbol no direct warning shows, it is a sign for insecurity with plans and acceptance of a miss, - also: you check a warning, the health or the happy being of your husband concerning, - both,
  • of a child: new enterprise, new action, because the old way is not gainful any more.

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