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Association: - Work on a creative creative process. Question: - What is born against all opposition in me?


A dream of the adoption of a child reflects an element of the desirable fulfilment, - on the other hand, is connected of course the readiness to provide for somebody, strongly with love and can express the wish to provide for somebody which one loves. According to current opinions an adoption should give an instruction to the fact that somebody has problems in the next surroundings and that the dreaming should help him. However, the adoption can also stand for a distinctive protector's instinct, - one would like to play his life long the protecting parental role. But care! Who often dreams of adopting somebody, could fall to friends and members with his excessive Fürsorglichkeit on the nerves, then is this one request to accept the personal clearance more different.


(European ones).:

  • become: you experience various disappointment,
  • see child: by intrigues and speculations make more different a property,
  • adopt a child: be to blame even, for unhappy relations at home.

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