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In a nightmare a frequent symbol for decay and resolution. What decays, is not to be regenerated any more - one must give it lost, and here also lies the real symbolism: Putrefaction dreams point to qualities which one should file finally because they will never again help. A request on more self-criticism - and to the courage to accept changes. In a real life situation has failed maybe a little bit and no energy more available to continue it. While the dreaming is not able to recognise this at the deliberate level maybe, the dream makes the circumstances clear. The resolution - for example, in a partnership - can appear in the dream as a putrefaction. If happens something which leads in the last consequence to the complete breakdown, a bad smell is often discernible in the dream: Something dies.


In spiritual regard destruction and resolution stands before a fresh start often. The fear of this process expresses itself in the dream possibly as a putrefaction. In addition, putrefaction can also mean the death.

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