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Carnival (carnival) points to the need for more change in a monotonous, dissatisfied life numb in routine, can express in particular cases, however, also the wish for a brief erotic adventure without remorse. If one sees himself or another ('the other I') than fool dressed up, this says that one appear once differently than in the straightjacket of the conventional that one wants to file somewhat of the outwardly turned I.



  • take part in it: one will soon experience an adventure that is favoured by the luck, - also: warns about too big carefreeness and carelessness, - glad society and not always a true face brings the future.

(European ones).:

  • see: brings new acquaintances,
  • take part: Addiction to pleasure,
  • take part dressed up: if an adventure tells in,
  • besides,
  • other see dressed up: one will spend an amusing evening.
(See also fool)

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