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Association: - Failure fear, - power loss, - controlling loss. Question: - Where in my life I have the feeling to have lost the control? Where would like I to land?


Case (traps) sometimes originate body-partly if, for example, the blood pressure drops in the sleep stronger and becomes lack-supplied with blood the brain, - thereby one can even awake. It seems more often, a thorough heart circulatory investigation can be recommended. Case dreams often symbolise dangers on the other life, - they explain themselves partly by the fact that one has lost the trust in himself or must give up firm plans, opinions and convictions. If the dreaming forgets who is he and where from he comes if he loses, in other words, the relation on himself, this expresses itself in such typical dreams of the trap. He falls back on the ground of the facts. The arrogance which comes before the case is also sometimes meant. Tripping, slipping or falling down have another meaning than the traps in the dream. They mean that the dreaming has passing problems. Who falls in bottomless depth, has in his environment adaptation fears, in the dream, however, he is able to do himself gehenlassen and does not need to hold from nothing but consideration for the others in himself. Then he should seriously argue with his person, be more confident and more responsible maybe also. The vision of the Fallens signals generally fear of life, selfdoubt and insecurity, however, can show also a loss of respect and power. The traps in the dream can be also understood as a warning of carelessness and superficiality. If a parachute rises during the case, it takes from the situation of the Fallens the life-threatening meaning and points to the wish to overcome the fear of the trap. Not seldom a combination is also dreamt of traps and aviation. Case dreams have after Freud mostly sexual meaning (he probably thought of the 'fallen' girls). They point to internal inhibitions, on contact difficulties in the interpersonal relations.


In such a dream spiritual fear is shown. However, the horrific fall in the depth is very often connected at the same time with an undefinable feeling of the relief.



  • of a tree: your honour will be hurt,
  • of a height: stretch your expectations not too high,
  • in a black depth, - one wants to overthrow you in the downfall,
  • fall in an endless abyss: after coping of several difficulties achieve his aim,
  • besides,
  • about an object and themselves injure: Challenges of dangerous kind,
  • on level earth: you come by inattentiveness to disadvantage,
  • of a narrow staircase: Loss of property,
  • in the water: mostly illness which becomes more extremely danderous if one is torn away in it and sets,
  • in a marshy ditch: you will be insulted,
  • in a ditch: you come to bad call,
  • to itself see falling: there is the danger to stumble into a disagreeable situation,
  • feel fall: no disastrous meaning - we are too quick again in our body hineingeschlüpft,
  • see somebody to others: thus the meanings refer to that him there falls,
  • others see falling: you derive benefit from the disadvantage more different.

(European ones).:

  • from big height: if means loss of honour and property, - stands often for a sudden misfortune in which one must accept losses, - however, one can also fall 'from all clouds', so are surprised or are disappointed,
  • in the depth: means that one can reach something,
  • with energy
  • in general: if means danger, - one stumbles into a disagreeable history,
  • fall and, besides, very much frighten: violent fights get through and reach, finally, to honour and wealth,
  • fall and, besides, injure themselves: need and loss of friends approach, - also: warns about bad intentions which are exposed and can only damage to one,
  • in the water: if a danger registers,
  • in a ditch: one will come to bad call,
  • about an object: one will receive about some explanation,
  • trip without falling down: though one will stumble in an obstacle, it, however, happily overcome,
  • on bare earth: announces incommodities,
  • others see: one will be able to expose enemies and envious people,
  • fall in a ditch: warns about loss of the respect for which one himself is to blame,
  • about a stone or other object fall: one will bump into an examination important for the other life.


  • see somebody: follow an example of your people,
  • on level earth: your wishes will come true,
  • in a ditch: one will speak of you bad person,
  • and themselves can clip: good times,
  • and damage suffer: you have bad thoughts in yourself,
  • from a height: you will have misfortune in the play.
(See also 'fall', 'aviation', 'airplane')

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