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To case


Obvious symbol for danger, unfreedom and various dependence.
  • Kicking one in the dream in a trap, are the relations to be produced basically of different kind. Though somebody has put on the trap to catch to one, but partly it is own guilt, if one hineintrat. The dream is lately to be understood as a criticism of the behaviour. One was too unadvised or credulous. Often it comes to feelings of guilt when one recognises that one has wrong acted in a certain situation. To case also points out to the fact that one is deceived towards the external light, is escorted by wrong hopes, ideals and expectations, thereby, however, damage takes.
  • in the dream in a trap to get, makes clear that the dreaming feels forced into a corner.
  • device the dreaming in his dream in captivity, so this expresses that the dreaming does not succeed in breaking out of old behaviour patterns and thought patterns. He needs help from the outside.
  • one would like to reach
  • Catching one other in a trap, with cunning an aim.
  • keep closed another person or an animal consciously caught, expresses the attempt of the dreaming to hold on something and to preserve.
  • a caught butterfly represents the incarceration of the own I.


At this level the trap stands for spiritual restraint. The dreaming feels caught possibly in his body like in a trap.



  • see: Security in your appearance, - one wants to take in you, on the care, - also: One will manage meeting with evil people, but it to cross her intrigues,
  • go to one: one wants to do down you, - care!
  • about one trip without hineinzugeraten: one should think over the smashed way once again, because an accident can threaten which one can escape only by the biggest care,
  • put: something in request attain, - your means are dishonourable, gives up it,
  • see themselves in one: one has become a victim of his own good devoutness, intemperance or carelessness, - also: one has chosen the right occupation or the right life partner,
  • find something prisoner in one: one may be glad about the fulfilment of a heart's desire.

(European ones).:

  • almost always the warning dream which is to be followed,
  • see: Sign for the fact that one is in security, but care, a negative person sets for one a trap which one will still note on time and which can thwart intrigue,
  • put one: for the penetration of his plans intrigues start,
  • see putting: warns about adjustments to which one is put out, - damage,
  • get in: one will fall in love in a person who does not earn it, - also: one is outwitted,
  • catch somebody in it: something that one has expected for a long time will soon come true,
  • catch game in it: be successful in the occupation,
  • see an empty wild case: it will soon happen a misfortune,
  • an old or broken trap: prophesies misses in the business area.


  • see: you will suffer a damage,
  • put: is glad that you have got away with the shock.
(See also chain,' prison ', animals)

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