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    a lift the contact of the dreaming with information symbolises
  • as a rule.
  • an abwärtsfahrender lift, for example, points to the fact, that the dreaming in the unconscious hinuntersteigt.
  • an aufwärtsfahrender lift carries the dreaming up to the spirituality again. Some people think that one leaves his body in the sleep, - an image which can be also reflected in the lift as a dream symbol.
  • with the lift get stuck symbolised that the dreaming does not get on in his spiritual development.



  • early senility, sign for strong rest need.

(European ones).:

  • start in one: quickly respect and prosperity attain,
  • go in one down: the misfortune will knock down to one,
  • see driving one down and think, one stays behind: one will escape by the skin of the teeth a disappointment,
  • a standing one: if menacing danger,
  • promises
  • stick in one: have shortly a frustrating experience.
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