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Association: - Advancement from own impulse, - spare time. Question: - Do I have enough strength to create it? Will it give pleasure?


Bicycle stands as locomotion means for getting on in the life, - this can refer to concrete intentions, plans and aims or to the advancement of the personality. Also: Striving for independence, possibly difficulties with the use of collective facilities and achievements. The strain of the bicycle driving is also sometimes demanded with this dream symbol. - Warning sign if it is about the 'common' cyclist: 'Down step, arch the back upwards'. The young people who want to reach something by own strength strain - a better school mark often dream of the modest bicycle maybe or the excellent end of the apprentice's work. Although a mass-produced article, it has in the dreams, nevertheless, something individual and serves also the dreamer for journeys in all directions and on the schmalsten paths. One can come with him really on 'side paths' quite irresponsibly to all kinds of small experiences. Own strength strain, and further, the almost silent way is stressed here. Bicycle dreams are frequent with young people, the tried around which to them imposed work does not afflict in apprenticeship and study very much to drive out cheerfully in the life. The element of the cheerful, happy is often in these dreams. Now and then one drives out with his life partner, and then one has a breakdown. She sometimes indicates a sexual difficulty. In any case, is always expressed that one may expect only one leisurely development and must exert himself, besides, considerably, may trust only in own strength and ability.
  • a damaged or upset bicycle announces problems and obstacles in the next time.
  • The purchase of a bicycle in the dream can ask now and again specifically to move more (not only by riding a bike).
  • Sometimes one also rides a bike with his partner what could be seen as an unconcerned, cheerful journey in the life.
  • something is not
  • Having, however, one of both one breakdowns, in sexual or fair regard in order.



  • see: you will surpass your competitor, - come in his plan quickly to the aim.
  • see mount one and driving away to themselves: To rein admonition, his ambition something,
  • with it above the surface of the earth to float: one would like to improve his social position by progress.

(European ones).:

  • see or go: one is endangered by a small street accident, - also: one stands before an important decision and should well think about it, before one decides after good conscience, - from own strength make progress,
  • shop: one becomes or should be active more sportily,
  • see a damaged one: sends a reminder to the care,
  • mount and with it go: one should rein his ambition something, because every haste would be wrong, - with throttled tempo one reaches unscathed to the aim,
  • the feeling to float by the bicycle above the surface of the earth: unaware striving for social progress, after improvement of the income,
  • go uphill: good views have,
  • downhill to go: signals to a woman that she must pay attention to her call and her health, because a misfortune approaches.


  • good and astonishing news will please you,
  • upset: Discontent is in you.
(See also trip)

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