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Also one should care to come again to forces, because if one loads himself now too much with work, one is soon with his forces completely at the end.



  • One must know that just as the hair also the blood means strength and wealth of the person, only it calls in far higher degree of wealth. To such an extent as to one in the dream blood is tapped, by bloodletting or by bleeding, becomes appropriate the property of the person concerned decrease.
  • Dreaming one, blood runs from his head and soils him, the herabflie▀ende blood means profit and abundance of his head, the amount in the blood comparably which soiled him.
  • Becoming he does not soil from the blood, he knows that his man spend a lot of money, however, he himself will go with empty hands.
  • discovered one in the dream blood and uses it for any purpose, he will acquire according to his amount of foreign wealth.

(European ones).:

  • warns about forthcoming quarrel or material losses, - sometimes also sign of the loss of a person by separation or death,
  • bloodletting with another person: Premeaning of an accident, death or illness,
  • leave to the vein: if means quarrel, Siechtum, mental disorder, annoyance, misfortune.


  • Dreaming one, he is bled, namely from a stranger, one will put on a document to his loads which imposes oppressive obligations on him, and he will lose so much money as to him blood was sucked off, - the bleeding to him is known, the bled will suffer the same destiny, either by the hand of that to which he looked or those of an another, which to him is also known.
  • Bleeding somebody a friend with whom he has bad scuffle he will defeat him and exclude hard, - he lives in hostility with him, he will have no more fear before him.
  • Bleeding he a stranger, namely a young man, is this his enemy, but the dreaming will force him in the knees and take from him his whole having.
  • Seeming it one, he is bled by an old man or he bleeds the same, the old person points to the destiny of the dreaming, - he bleeds the old person, his destiny will stand under a good star, he is bled against it by that, under an unstar.
  • letting
  • Becoming to one because of illness or for the purpose of a cure to the vein, the person concerned will have according to the loss of blood big expenditures, but just thereby profit for body and life.
  • carries out somebody in a friend a bloodletting, he will get on grounds of a judicial ruling his property awarded.
  • Being that which left to the vein unknown and young, the bloodletter his enemy will get down and bring the biggest part of his possession in himself.
(See also blood)

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