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Ticket / ticket

In general:

We have to solve our ticket, psychologically expressed: we have with energy, this is in the day world with money to pay, because nobody lives for free, makes progress without victim, - only little boys would like to get everything given, want to be relieved to every own contribution. An amount of dreams whose problems turn on the ticket, on the ticket would be to be told. From the fullness only this: Almost in all countries the roads lead at least two driving classes, after the comfort of the seats, called mostly as the second or first class. The fare is directed after the height of the comfort. Who has the money, also goes in the dream better. However, money is to be translated with available energy, achievement, personality value. However, besides, the dream also knows that one is given by the destiny more than the other, and it drives some usually well-to-do and spoilt man in the dream in an ugly and got run down carriage. Thus his journey looks from the inside seen! Several times it is told that one with the ticket for the second class himself, one does not know himself why into which the first class has smuggled - as everybody knows, a pleasure which people afford in congested Sunday trains with pleasure. Here, however, the class change is not so harmless, - therefore, also the fear, the circumstances is discovered, one gets an embarrassing defeat before the fellow-passenger. Since one does not sit there in the life train, in the course of the life where one belongs to his being and after his achievement. One has increased himself, lives about his level. (As already said, it never concerns the external, material position. Also the very propertied people who use her nice car or then the best carriage class of the road for every vast journey have this embarrassing dream.) Vice versa it also seems in the world of the dream that one sits in the low carriage class and carries on it the better map with himself. Mostly the conductor, this representative of the internal control, to the right place gets us. The modern symbolism of the railway journey is exceptionally rich in the stress of details. Thus a dreamer stretches his very much muddy shoes on the seat towards on which a foreign place would like to take, - or one tells that one against usual practise sits 'backward' with the look after the hastening away scenery. There just the look of the soul goes after the hastening away, passing. The dream knows itself from in the different road types. He gives up us in the big Überlandexpreß after wide life sighting. However, it can also happen that a man who believes himself on especially important life journey must find out in the simile of the dream that he sits in a chatty little local railway. A man before fifty had apparently liked in a depression calling for these years. In the dream now it thought to go to his small hometown, to visit his mother and to remain a longer time with her. However, in the railway station the map is made a mistake after this station, there is not this apparently for him any more! for it händigt one to him a ticket after the capital from. However, the capital is ours Itself, is concentrated personality. To his astonishment he recognises as a journey comrade refugees, emigrants and war-wounded and sees himself as a young man, at that time, before an important achievement. In this situation he stands, - what he has well treated in himself till present a little, has to go cultivated, must become equal. Then a new epoch, namely his personality can be reached.


Ticket symbolises travel urge, new plans and spatial change, the strength and energy with which one comes along on the other life and which overcomes obstacles. One is thereby also asked to use the former experiences more. Who cannot pay the ticket before beginning of a trip in the dream, that lacks for the penetration of his personal plans quite simply the means, - he should refrain from a change of his instantaneous situation. If one has against it the money to pay the ticket, one will get away and with determination can head for the next life station. There is black driver in the dream events also - they just want to make the attempt to pull through very cheap.



  • shop: To continue a signal of the approval, with a begun project,
  • have lost: you have lost the direction,
  • stamp to the ticket of a woman: sexual desire.

(European ones).:

  • the life should be continued on new base, - finally, the long expected idiom to the good is there,
  • solve: one will have to collect himself in patience, - one has the strength and possibility to solve old problems or to overcome obstacles.
(See also driving, trip and single means of transportation)

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