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Association: - Work on energy and strength. Question: - How far can I come? Which is my desirable aim?


Driving depends in his meaning of the fact which vehicle one uses, always a change is connected with it in the life. If getting on indicates always want on the life journey, the striving for real values. Backward go: This situation makes clear either that we should turn back to make clear ourselves, where from we come, or that we we on the way in the regression (Fall back in childish behaviour) consider. Especially importantly: The back is the classical place of the shade. Backward look, is called not only, in the past look, but also, the reverse, the other side of the medallion to look just at the otherwise not notable or invisible shadow side. With the reverse driving one follows this side consciously. Or one should do this.



  • go or are driven: Longing for a change of the respective situation, - (44, 86)
  • by a car: you will win in the play,
  • with the wheel: a slow, laborious way, however, success,
  • with horse carriage: one comes to you to congratulate, - big honour,
  • in a carriage on the country road: it becomes to you a well-being,
  • and, besides, are upset: a forthcoming misfortune,
  • on a journey over the river (the same see or look): your own cleverness will protect you,
  • by the ship: a big trip stands before you.

(European ones).:

  • indicates a visit, - points to pleasant hour,
  • on a journey have an accident: forthcoming grief,
  • in the carriage: Miss's brightness,
  • in an elegant carriage: Honour, power, contact with fine people,
  • drive a carriage itself: unfair criticism of the ostensible arrogance, - one is made do things against his will
  • one drives
  • a taxi: stands for low works without view of professional improvements, - it is a combination vehicle, one will remain for briefly impecunious,
  • are driven by others: by bigger knowledge other ahead is and always a way out find, - this dream announces a man that he reaches in the love fast to the aim of his wishes, - with a woman he means that she does not take a lover any more so importantly, after she has won him for herself.


  • in a carriage: you will suffer a loss, but you are responsible yourself in it,
  • in the stagecoach (coach): involuntary travel stay,
  • with several horses: Wealth,
  • if people the carriage pull: Fame and power,
  • are upset: Discontent,
  • overtake somebody: it become longer lives than the other.
(See also travelling, car, railway, etc.)

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