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Mythical figures / mythical creatures

Association: - Denied, - menace. Question: - What do I fear in myself?


Monsters and mythical creatures do not exist as uniform things in the actual reality, - the nature has never produced them and nowhere. The soul, however, in the attempt, her often immense being which belongs to several districts to illustrate adequately could also not renounce these odd and always affecting creations of her forces. Each knows such representations from the mythology - the sphinxes, the gods with sparrow hawk and jackal heads, the bull people and lion's people, the wild gender of the centaurs, - are almost popular the enticing sirens, these virgins with gleaming fish body, but also Pan, ziegenfüßige, and the execrable bird's bodies of the harpies. Even more frightened are people if the prodigious appears in great dreams before her small existence. It really appears, from the deepest layers of the soul. Their creative power has united in these beings what is usually separated: the person and the animal. The appearance, the appearance of the monster announces mental great contents which are very consciousness-distant, admittedly. In these mythical creatures deep and often wild soul forces flow out together to an extremely dynamic picture, they are an unfathomable and incomprehensible life. And they belong so little as the forest giant, the human queue or the Indian elephant's God in our deliberate world. The interpretation of these inhumanly human shapes is difficult. Their meaning can be grasped only intuitively and above the way of the mythology in which they have her most real native country. One can anticipate, admittedly what is a man's lion if one has understood the symbol of the lion and knows about the being of a strong man. However, besides, one may not think rationally simply of a summation of the called animal and the person! To both frequencies of publication have become to each other durchwirkend, uniform shape. The dreamer can ascertain only, because important is awake in him in a form which does not belong yet in the human empire and not in the empire of the animals. In the course of analytic consideration these monsters change bit by bit into seeming known animals and into real people. With it becomes the strength which held together that amusing, frightening thing, freely and flows towards the consciousness. The result is an important strengthening of the personality. The person cannot start with a sea woman a lot, - a lot rather it starts with him something and lures him as an undine - 'half she pulled him, half he sank' - in the empire of the unaware soul flood. If she has become, however, a real woman and swims on the other hand the fish being really in the water, the dreamer notices that it was about a 'fish-flower', enchanting female soul figure, about a 'Anima' in himself. With it he is free of involuntary being enchanted. Outside lives what belongs outwardly, inside lives what as a peculiar thing in the cryptic empire of the soul be the big, even if incomprehensible residential right owns. Animals can be shown in dreams with under as a being which show signs of other creatures to draw the attention of the dreaming to certain qualities. The dreaming makes the experience in his dream that there are no universally valid principles. Just the creative act which such dreams contain is to be valued positively.


At the spiritual level mythical figures stand in the dream for timourous and cruel powers of the nature. The dreaming is drawn the attention to his own 'animal' forces, and he should clear whether he can control them.


Here one more tip: One notes that everything what falls to the area of the miracle signs what can exist quite impossibly and not seem wisely on the day as for example a Hippokentauros, (a horse with human upper part of the body and fishtail), a Scylla (sea monster, introduced as a fishwife) and similar monsters, hopes lie punishes and ruins.



  • one is stirred up in his deepest soul layers.

(European ones).:

  • see: a sea monster in the water is not good, - beyond the water it means luck,
  • are pursued by one: in immediate future are tormented by worries and misfortune,
  • one defeat: one will go forward against his enemies successfully and to be stood out position climb up.
(See also archetypes, dragon, monster)

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