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Bushes (shrubs)


Bush stands for secrecy because one can hide in it, - with it a certain encapsulation is translated by the environment. One can interpret the symbol in particular cases, however, also in such a way that one should overcome inhibitions by which one is hindered. Bush can be interpreted as tree.
    a green bush a forthcoming happy event announces
  • In general, admits hopes, so that one will soon find the way back again to full-blooded lives (also to the love).
  • in the western culture the picture of a bush is ordinarily associated with the burning bush from the Bible. Accordingly a bush in a dream can express the wish for guidance.
  • Being the bush dries up or bald, one stands in the conflict to his feelings, and announces failures and boredom.
  • Having one itself behind it hides
? Makes one maybe way in the everyday life to a problem?



  • see Bush: watch out for processes, they bring no luck, - also to you: Secrets umlauern you,
  • bushes: you must overcome obstacles,
  • see blossoming: your inclination is answered, - loyal friendship and loyal love,
  • see greening: if forecasts a joy which often hangs together with good news
  • remove and chop off: you will fight through because of love to the aim,
  • dries up, drily: an uneventful time approaches, - any plan is condemned to the failure,
  • burning: a great love expects you,
  • somebody see lying behind it: one should watch out for people and her Klatschereien.

(European ones).:

  • quarrel and quarrel, - a change is indicated, - also: a colleague badly speaks of one, one keeps open eyes and ears,
  • lie behind the bush: Cunning,
  • to somebody see lying behind a bush: Care before some person and before clap and gossip,
  • see full green sheets: big joy by good news,
  • many strong bushes see: mean support and forecast help of an unsuspected spring,
  • with little foliage: a warning! With the pursuit of an aim one may count not only on his luck,
  • see a dried one: one will be bored in the next time a lot,
  • see a bald one: a plan is condemned to the failure and will fail,
  • him penetrate: be the change to the best,
  • cut: a secret will be soon revealed,
  • one by another cut one: one follows what one felt, besides.


  • files your inhibitions.
(See also tree,' bushes')

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