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Association: - common trip, - mass traffic. Question: - Which relation exists between my personal power and the mass consciousness?


How in the reality: quick progress in community. Sometimes an assistance dream for the people who try in vain to achieve only an aim. Moreover: how all vehicles symbol for change, change of location and departure. Who often dreams of bus rides, should try to remember the state of the coach and the fellow-passengers - here the real sense of the dream shall be deciphered. The stay in a coach shows that the dreaming argues with group relations and considers how he wants to handle in future with his people. The dreaming possibly feels the urge to be for himself, although he belongs to a group and fights with her for a little bit engaged. A coach trip in the dream can give explanation about how the dreaming handles currently with his trip through the life. It is important to find out whether the coach of a firm route followed or went aimlessly to an uncertain place. Other interpretations are:
  • long waiting in the bus stop symbolises frustration on the way to the aim.
  • one should try
  • Being the dream coach a double-decker, to look at the things from several points of view.
  • in a coach to go can register that one on the right way to reach of his aims is.
  • A coach to drive, can register that one feels responsible for friends or colleagues.
  • If a bus ride was rough, one should remember the feelings, besides to close on the interpretation.
  • a coach accident can reveal fears of menacing financial difficulties.


At the spiritual level the coach stands for the all-embracing good.


(European ones).:

  • go: slow and moderate progress with plans and sighting,
  • of full people and must stand there: must compete against many other to succeed,
  • in the wrong coach be: in the life have smashed the wrong way,
(See also trip)

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