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Who brushes off or brushes something, no mote would like to see in itself, stand there consequently flawlessly. Whether he manages this, other symbols must point. Who perceives meanwhile how he brushes off himself, his unaware longing for the affection of another person betrays with it. One pays attention to the dream connection and the feelings. As usual, with the dream interpretation the details are important.



  • see or own: dubious enterprises, to you frustration approaches, - also: if annoyance and defamation of character always registers,
  • the clothes: Maintenance of the order, - one will make an important way,
  • hair: long life,
  • fur of an animal: timely discovery of a damage.

(European ones).:

  • see: indicates incommodities, - one will come to the gossip of the people, - also: one wants to provoke to one, but one cannot be irritated and keeps calm quietly and,
  • different ones see: different professional activities expect which are rather pleasant and are well paid,
  • many brushes see or own: one will come to quarrel,
  • use (in general): Incommodities master,
  • shop: one will have to suffer from the jealousy more different,
  • brush off himself (hair, clothes): in one rules an unaware longing for the affection of a certain person, - also: the clothes: rough treatment, - also: the head: you will have guests,
  • clothes brush and, besides, see a lot of dust: if brings annoyance,
  • shoes brush: one will find out a bad treatment,
  • brush floor: one will have to overcome difficulties in the work,
  • an animal: one will soon discover a damage.
(See also 'brushes')

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