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Association: - Job, - professional aspect. Question: - What do with which I work on?


The office is a symbol for professional activity, existence security and sense of community. The working situation of the person often forms the ambience of his dreams. The office is ordinarily formed a little more formally than the flat, and, hence, they have there to playing scenarios often the respect with the work and with authorities on the subject. It mostly refers in the dream to the organisation of the everyday life. If one is in the dream in an office - in particular if one does not know it - it refers to the need of order and to some degree of bureaucracy in the life. If the dreaming acts in his dream in the office service, this symbolises the takeover of responsibility. According to attraction or ugliness of your dream office the symbolism precipitates: well and with pleasure done work in community - or the wish to dissociate itself from it to scale the career leaders in a great hurry completely alone. If a well organised office work is felt as positive, one has good views of a secure future. If it is musty, disorderly and it looks depressing or hectic rush rules, the dreaming is afraid of conflicts and suffers from lacking self-confidence.


At the spiritual level an office refers to the fact that the dreaming has taken over the responsibility for who is he.



  • you finds out a disagreeable news,
  • enter: big work waits for you,
  • leave: it begins a very nice time with friends.

(European ones).:

  • have lost the position or the business premises are discontinued: Warning of difficulties in the marriage or dear problems,
  • see own office: possibly forecast a positive change in the dear life,
  • from the office are excluded or are removed: if loss of property or personal things can register,
  • problems in the office have: one is afraid of future quarrel.


  • nearly you would have got in distress.

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