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Association: - Fastened, - however, noble-minded. Question: - Which walls am I ready to tear?


The dreaming is connected with the female principle of the concluded and defended privacy if he dreams of a castle. She can represent the fantastic or maybe the difficulty with the achievement of his objective. Castle is first a tip to security and security, in particular also in interpersonal relations, - she can appear with a personality strengthened in itself. Because also attacks take place on a castle, the warning stands now and again before unexpected risks and obstacles behind this symbol, for example, with a siege of the castle, - this one must indicate from the concrete living conditions in particular cases. Before the person can completely open for others, he must diminish as a rule his barriers. But the castle can be also understood as a house which one can compare to the functions of the human body.

other interpretations are:

  • in a castle to be held prisoner, the difficulty possibly explains by the freeing from old settings.
  • then
  • tried the dreaming to penetrate into a castle is called this that he recognises the obstacles and will overcome.
  • Living the dreaming in a castle and is found from knights, scanty and ladies of the castle surrounded or he takes part in a tournament, he has inhibitions to realise his physical wishes or he suffers from feeling of inferiority.
  • The castle court corresponds to the vision of the market, while the dungeon and the torture sites of the meaning of custody and court correspond.
  • deep cellar vaults refer to the need for motherly protection from dangers.
  • A ruined castle stands for our mental imbalance in which we would have to bring order. It is to be equated accordingly with mental disruption, with a complete chaos of contradicting feelings which can lead very easily an existing connection in the crisis.


At this level the castle stands for spiritual check and the overcoming of obstacles to attain deeper knowledge. A biblical symbol for security and shelter.



  • in general: one is much too reckless and should think over possible ventures,
  • see one: one has desire for adventure,
  • see one at a distance: big things will wait yours, - one observes you from a distance,
  • go in to one: unexpected obstacles will bother you, however, they are to be overcome,
  • mount one: you plan too much,
  • a close one: one will bump with a plan into opposition,
  • live in one: one is contented with the living conditions, - one needs protection.

(European ones).:

  • symbol from her menacing danger,
  • see one of wide ones: you will find protection in danger,
  • see one: the adventurousness becomes apparent,
  • stay in it: if means danger,
  • live in one: on the one hand one is contented with own living conditions, - on the other hand, one also has a certain protective need, the feeling to have to barricade himself before the world,
  • closed: you bump into opposition with a plan, - experience something unexpected,
  • go in: if an adventure promises experience and the exit will be dubious, - favorable pictures Step there, is to be calculated successfully, while unfavorable ones indicate the failure,
  • burning with a lot of smoke see: tells heavy events in the country in,
  • see a ruined one: one will be reminded of better times.


  • you can count on your friends.
(See also 'drawbridge', 'building')

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