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Belligerence and strength of the bull are often associated with masculinity. Consequently dreams of bulls can express the wish for the discovery of the male sides - or her avoidance. Jung believed that the bull shows the true nature of a person and the at the same time animal instincts behind many layers of the consciousness are hidden. Dreams of bulls often concentrate to bridle the animal. This can express how well one can integrate the 'animal' sides of the personality. Other interpretations are:
  • a bull can show an important person in the life.
  • an attacking bull in a dream can be a warning that somebody at whom one looks as a friend maybe talks behind the back badly about one.
  • The picture of a bull in the porcelain shop indicates the need to be with the choice of his life honestly to itself.
  • a bullfight can predict the need to solve an irritating problem quickly.
  • Two fighting bulls can reveal open or hidden disharmony among brothers and sisters. One thinks about his position in the fight and whether one could influence the exit.
  • a bull's victim means a former or future victory.



  • (bull): is careful, - sign of an enemy or rival in the love or in the commercial life,
  • are pushed by him: happy love,
  • shop: Quarrel,
  • slaughter: you will find out grief,
  • beat to death: you escape a great danger.
(See also 'buffaloes', 'bull')

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