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Association: - Show, - achievement. Question: - Which recognition do I wish or do I fear? What is I to be shown to the world am ready?


Stage stands general often for the life, means the contemporaries and environment, - depending on what happens on it one can recognise his own relation to the world and draw from it practical conclusions for sensible changes of own setting, expectations and behaviour patterns. However, in the action on the stage the unconscious can play through also the present life situation 'dramatically' and give decisive facilities, - this reveals itself only individually.
  • in the dream on the stage indicates to stand that the dreaming wants to appear and present. It is the 'position in the limelight' at which one aims. One sees himself with pleasure in the centre and enjoys the attention more different. No miracle that introverted people hardly remember such dreams.
  • An open-air stage is a tip to communication with the masses.
  • A revolving stage shows the need to remain in movement, even during the dreaming a role plays.
  • Being the dreaming only the spectator, he is pushed in the role of the passiveness and must observe the stage events.
  • A white stage or a platform can refer to success in public matters.


From spiritual view a stage is a symbol for the theatre of the life. The dreaming is able to observe objectively the events, although he is involved. While he projects the 'piece' outwardly, he can steer his life.


Then take professional activities whose effect on the same one goes out, the same exit, they may also have passed away concerning her procedure. Thus the surgeon Apollonide dreamt, he operates with the performance of homerischer scenes and wounds many on which he had to carry out many surgical interventions. Since the actors of homerischer scenes wound and pour blood, however, do not have to kill the intention, - also it behaves with the surgeon.



  • (you see yourself on a stage): one does not say you the truth,
  • on a stage stand: you aim at success without own achievements,
  • see stage: is not too shy,
  • other on the stage see: one is envious towards other,

(European ones).:

  • see: is valid for success in a certain area,
  • one by a curtain covered: vain struggle,
  • one sees
  • , however, the curtain disappearing: the success will soon enter,
  • play: It is to be seen itself better than spectator and not as an acting person of the piece,
  • see himself on one: one would like to reach his professional success without big strains,
  • other on one see: suppressed envy feelings come to the daylight.
(See also theatre)

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