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A symbol for the 'load of the Lebens' which is hard to be carried and bends the back. If nothing deals with the physical deformity. Who suffers from existential fear, 'arches the back' to (own) security and does not go to the trouble certainly of 'to being responsible' for other people. Sense of the dream: Throw down (unnecessary) ballast, relieve yourselves by more assurance, and come along, finally, strongly for what you really want. They are too adapted and 'suffer too with pleasure'! (Or you are often angry at such a hump person in your life, and he is a burden to you.) Who sees a hunchback, should try to go to himself and to criticise the mistakes not too much more different.



  • (see themselves with a hump): big profit, - luck in the play,
  • slide down: you are to all consider and wins,
  • rub: Rest and rest,
  • hunchbacks see: you attain advantages.


  • a very good omen: The monotony who is the hunchback to the dreaming promises this sign to a lot of luck in close future. Besides, it wants to ask him, to be gentle and to help destitute, because this will still strengthen his own luck.

(European ones).:

  • in general: A period of a lot of check and changes will appear which is removed from a happy dear affair.
  • sexually to understand, if from women dreamt,
  • see a hunchback: prophesies unexpected setbacks,
  • other see with it: admonished to the satisfaction and also to the care, - one will attain an advantage,
  • with one speak or deal: Luck in a speculation or in the lottery,
  • see themselves with a hump: points to good health,
  • Who carries a hump in the dream, that hopes to bring a backpack completely to luck home. also: good health, - promises a success.


  • you has no reason for the complaint, because you will come to the success.

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