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The box is marked by many people as 'a cemetery tree'. He refers to the rest of the cemetery, as the park in which one finds his peace. On the other hand it is a tree which is cut to our widths and particularly in England often in special geometrical forms. The nature is formed by the human mind and therefore this dream symbol indicates that one should form his own nature more or that one forms them too much and leaves her development possibility free not enough.


Boxes mean women's room which belong to the loose guild and are dissolute, to enterprising people disappointments, sick people, nevertheless, recovery and health. To all other people they are symbols of vain strains. If boxes burn down which stand before the house or inside of the house, it announces the death of house slaves.



  • protects you against swindlers.

(European ones).:

  • see: means that one should not lose hope, even intimate wishes will come true,
  • more withered: one hard makes progress,
  • go by a box hedge: marvellous future.


  • green: another way approaches you, - Preparing to you, you come back a long time not in your home.
  • dries up: it has the appearance that you are not persuaded of yourself, your progress is restrained by yourself,
  • hedge: your future will bring you a lot of success, however, this is no reason that you lay your hands in the lap and others allows to work.
(See also tree)

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